Scholarships are normally defined as financial aid money awarded on the basis of merit, achievement (such as academic or athletic), or need. Scholarships come in three different forms; national, school-based, and local. National scholarships are open to all students across the nation. School-based monies are allocated only to those students who have been accepted at the giving college or university and are typically distributed through the financial aid office of that institution. Local scholarships are those scholarships given to the students of a particular school, county, or local region.
The Muncy High School Guidance Office facilitates all local scholarships to our seniors as they become available. In addition, national and school-based scholarship information that is sent to the guidance office are passed on to students. Because the number of national scholarships increase yearly, the guidance counselor’s encourage students to utiltize a web-based scholarship search engine such as fastweb, Scholly GoMerry, or collegeboard. Students will be provided information on scholarships received by the guidance office by way of school announcements, periodic classroom presentations by counselors, and by the Muncy School District’s website. To check on current listings please click here.