About Our School

Muncy Junior Senior High School is located in the borough of Muncy, Lycoming County, in north-central Pennsylvania.  Muncy was first named Pennsborough in honor of William Penn.  The first official settlements in Muncy occurred in 1776 when John Penn ordered the sale of Muncy Manor into five parcels of 300 acres each for farming.  It was officially incorporated as a borough in 1826.  Muncy is truly unique in the area for its extraordinary mix of period architecture: Gothic, Federal, Colonial, Victorian, and Quaker styles.  The Chamber of Commerce’s appropriate motto is:  “Older than Yesterday-Younger than Tomorrow”.

The first school board of six directors was formed in 1834.  The old Central School, built in 1836, was officially designed the High School in 1855.  In 1931, the corner stone was placed for the present high school. The building was completed at a cost of $121,000 and originally housed grades 1-12. The Muncy School District was officially formed in 1964. The Muncy Junior Senior High School presently serves a grade 7-12 population of 481 students: 445 are white, 4 Asian, 4 Black, 1 American Indian, 13 Hispanic and 14 multi-racial.

Muncy Junior Senior High School’s first priority is meeting the individual educational needs and goals of each of its students.  To meet these needs and goals, Muncy offers two major curriculum programs.  The Higher Education curriculum is designed to prepare the college-bound student for the rigors of college studies through a variety of preparatory courses.  Courses include Pre-calculus, English, computer technology, foreign languages, and Advanced Placement classes in Calculus, Chemistry, Biology, United States History, English Literature, Physics, and Spanish.  The Career Education curriculum enables vocational students who do not necessarily plan to attend college the opportunity to develop specific career related skills.  Muncy School District is a participant in the Lycoming County Career and Technical Center.  Muncy High School requires all students, regardless of curriculum option, to acquire the basic skills required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for graduation. Students are afforded the opportunity to select from a number of electives such as computer technology and fine arts.

Muncy High School offers a variety of extra curricular activities for its students.  Varsity and junior varsity football, soccer, wrestling, basketball, softball, field hockey, tennis, golf, and cheerleading are available for high school participation.  In addition to the variety of athletics activities, Muncy is proud to offer thirty-two coed intramural activities and clubs.  National Honor Society, FBLA, M-Club, marching band, fall plays and spring musical productions are just a few of the activities.