Stan Schuyler’s last real desire was to form an athletic hall of fame to recognize outstanding athletes and their contribution to athletic achievements at Muncy as well as college, etc.
During the winters of 1976 and 1977, Stan asked Jim Brittain, Dave Wallis and Paul Wertman to assist him in fulfulling this desire. He had already name Larry Lauchle, Ed Ott, and Bob Rohm as the first group and wanted to make sure since they were selected only by him that no committee group would remove them. This meeting was to confirm his intentions and the three of them agreed with Stan on that point. He then scheduled another meeting.

The next meeting was early winter (December 1977) and this is when the first official meeting took place. This committee was made up of the following persons selected by Stan Schuyler: Jim Brittain, Earl Poust, Bob Rohm, Dave Wallis, Paul Wertman, and Bob Wilt. At thsi meeting, Jim Brittain was selected chairperson and a set of by-laws was agreed upon. Stan Schuyler made it clear he didn’t want to be a voting member and the Committee agreed. Stan also insisted that they should elect the first group to be inducted and he wanted it to happen at the All-Sports banquet in the spring of 1978. The Committee went to work and selected Dick Brittain, Byron Dugan, and Harold Egli. They were inducted on April 14, 1978.

Shortly thereafter (September 1978) Stan wanted off the Committee as he felt he had accomplished his goal. The committe selected Roger Campbell to replace Stan and they then had seven members. The Committee stayed this way until Bob Wilt resigned to move to California. The Committee replaced him with George Wilt.

In February of 1979, Stan Schuyler passed away and that spring he was officially recognized as the founder of our group. He could not be inducted as a member because he was not a graduate of Muncy High School.

In 1996, the Committee elected to expand to twelve member as it amended its by-laws.

The last two years have been extremely busy for the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee as it is focused on building a new Hall-of-Fame display as well as writing biographies of all 47 members which are on display on the Muncy High School website.

The 2007 Muncy Athletic Hall-of-Fame committee members are John Brink, Cindy Campbell, Roger Campbell, Woody Fry, Earl Poust, Lynn Poust, Thomas “Pumpsie” Ritter, Larry Sones, Dave Wallis, Paul Wertman and Mike Gaydon.
Deceased members that served on the committee over the past thirty years include Stan Schuyler, Bob Rohm, Barb McClain, George Wilt, and Bob Wilt. Eric Long also was a member of the Committee in 1996.

The current number of members in the Muncy High School Athletic Hall-of-Fame is 47.

A special “Thank You” to the Muncy High School Alumni Association for allowing us to be part of their annual program for more than twenty years!