College Application Funding

Beginning in the 2010-2011 school year the Muncy Lions Club supported by the Muncy School District Board of Directors have graciously facilitated payment of one college application fee per member of the current senior class.  There are 3 basic scenarios discussed below regarding the proper procedure for obtaining funding.
1. Electronic Application / Checks Allowed- If you are completing your application online (The Common Application also fits into this category) and you can mail in your payment in check form, you must print out verification of submission of the application and give Mr. Berthold a copy of the application that shows the name of the college and the amount needed. A check made out to the college will be mailed directly from the Guidance Office.
2. Electronic Application / Credit Card – If you are completing your application online and the institution allows only a credit card payment you (or a parent/guardian) should pay the fee with a credit card and then print out a receipt for payment.  Submit this receipt to Mr. Berthold and a check will be provided in the amount of the payment. Please note that the check will be made payable to the parent/guardian NOT the student.
The guidance office completes college preparation tasks quickly and efficiently and this will be no exception. However, please do take into consideration the turn around time it takes to process checks and plan accordingly.  As always, please contact Mr. Berthold if you have any questions about this process.