The Muncy High School Hall of Fame recognition of outstanding Muncy High School graduates, has the purpose of acknowledging publicly one graduate each year for both high school and post-high school achievements. The winner will be announced and honored at the Muncy High School graduation ceremonies each year. The nomination criterion is the nominee must have been graduated ten or more years ago from Muncy High School.

The procedure for nomination is to submit a Muncy High School Hall of Fame Nomination Form. It is recommended that all accomplishments or achievements be described in detail with documentation. Below are some examples of some areas in which accomplishments or achievements could be recognized: National Merit Scholar, Business Achievements, Civic Achievements, Research Achievements, Military Achievements, Political Achievements, Career Achievements and/or Educational Achievements.

Documentation could include newspaper articles, written testament, pictures, transcripts, or letters of recommendation. It is suggested that a copy of the Hall of Fame Nomination Form be kept on file by the person submitting the nomination because a person not selected during the current year may be resubmitted and nominated for consideration in future years.

All nominations must be received by Muncy High School Hall of Fame Committee, 200 West Penn Street, Muncy, PA 17756 by the first week of April of every year.