A Resource Guide for Obtaining Services
in Lycoming County and Surrounding Areas


Compiled by Jeanne Rogan

Muncy School District


Self Help/Support Group Meetings:


Adult Children of

Alcoholics (ACOA):            For meeting times and locations please contact:

Williamsport:   (570) 998-2833


Al-anon/Al-Ateen:            In Lycoming County, meeting times are held Sundays and Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. at the Williamsport Hospital and Medical Center (Conference Room A).  Please call (570) 321-1000 for additional information.


For additional meeting times and locations please contact:

                                          Lewisburg:            Beaver Memorial Methodist Church:

(570) 524-0809

                                          State College:            (570) 238-5597

                                          Williamsport:            (570) 327-2860


Alcoholics Anonymous:            For a list of meeting times and locations in Lycoming County call: (570) 327-2860.


For additional meeting times and locations please


Danville:      Geisinger Medical Center: (570) 271-6343

Shiloh Church:                  (570) 236-6501

Lewisburg:    First Baptist Church:         (570) 524-7438

Selinsgrove:  Christ United Methodist Church:

(570) 374-8539

State College:  (814) 237-3757

Sunbury:        St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church:

(570) 286-7002

St. John’s United Methodist Church:

(570) 286-6301

Williamsport:  (570) 327-2860 (24-Hour Help)


Cancer Support Group:            For meeting times and locations please contact:

Danville:          Geisinger Medical Center: (570) 271-6343

Williamsport:  Divine Providence Hospital: (570) 326-8000


Domestic Violence:                        For meeting times and locations please contact:

Lewisburg:            Susquehanna Women in Transition

(SWIT):  (570) 523-6482

Sullivan County Victim’s Service:  1-(800)-894-3706

Tioga County Women’s Coalition:  1-(800)-550-0447

Williamsport:  YWCA/Wise Options: (570) 323-8167

Williamsport:  Northway Presbyterian Church:  (570) 323-4293


Eating Disorder Group:            Meetings are held the third Monday of every month at Divine Providence Hospital in Williamsport.  Please call (570) 326-8000 for additional information.


Families Anonymous:            Meetings are held Sundays and Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. at the Williamsport Medical Center (Conference Room A).  Please call (570) 321-1000 for additional information.


Support Group:                       For meeting times and locations please contact:

Lewisburg: Faith Lutheran Church: (570) 523-3192

Williamsport:  (570) 547-6305


HIV/AIDS Support Group:            For meeting times and locations please contact:

Williamsport:   AIDS Resource Clinic:  (570) 322-8448

Clinton County: 1-(800)-550-0447 or (570) 724-3554


Nar-Anon:                               There are no meetings currently held in Lycoming County.


Please contact one of the following for meeting times and locations:

Lewisburg:      Beaver Memorial Church: (570) 524-0809

Watsontown:   The Watsontown Borough Building:

(570) 538-1000


Narcotics Anonymous:            For meeting times and locations in Lycoming County please call (570) 327-2678.


For additional meeting times and locations please contact:

State College:  (814) 237-3757

Williamsport:   (570) 327-2860 (24-Hour Help)


Nicotine Anonymous:            There are no meetings currently held in Lycoming County.


Please contact the following for meeting times and locations:

Danville:          Knapper Clinic, Geisinger

Medical Group Campus: (570) 275-0880


Over-eaters Anonymous:            For meeting times and locations please contact the following:

Lewisburg:     Beaver United Methodist Church:  (570) 524-0809

Muncy:           Muncy Baptist Church:  (570) 546-5292

Williamsport:   Faith Christian Church:  (570) 494-1847

Williamsport:   Williamsport Hospital:  (570) 321-1000


Parenting Support/Help:            For meeting times and locations please contact one of the following:

Clinton County Helpline:        (570) 748-2406

Lycoming County Helpline:     (570) 323-8555

Williamsport YWCA:                        (570) 323 8167


Pet Loss Support Group:            For meeting times and locations please contact:

Lycoming County SPCA:              (570) 322-4646.



Sexual Assault:                       For meeting times and locations please contact:

Lewisburg:            Susquehanna Women in Transition

(SWIT):  (570) 523-6482

Sullivan County Victim’s Service:  1-(800)-894-3706

Tioga County Women’s Coalition:  1-(800)-550-0447

Williamsport:   YWCA/Wise Options: (570) 323-8167

Williamsport:   Northway Presbyterian Church:  (570) 323-4293


Counseling Services:


Drug and Alcohol Counseling Services:

Allenwood:   White Deer Run Treatment Center:  (570) 538- 2567


Williamsport:   Cross Roads Counseling:  (570) 323-7535

Genesis House:  (570) 323-0520

Green Ridge Counseling:  (570) 322-1216

Valley Prevention Services:  (570) 323-9940

White Deer Run:  (570) 321-6127

West Branch Drug and Alcohol:  (570) 323-8543


Drug and Alcohol Facilities:


Allenwood:         White Deer Run Treatment Center: This is a partial and full treatment facility for adolescents and adults.  If necessary, they will transport you to and from their facility for counseling.  Please call 1-(800)-255-2335 for additional information.


Berwick:            Berwick Recovery Systems:  This facility provides an inpatient detoxification unit, as well as intensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation on an outpatient basis.  Please call 1-(800)-322-2583 for additional information.


Centre Hall:      The Meadows:  This is an inpatient/partial hospitalization program.  Please call 1-(800)-641-7529 for additional information.


Kingston:            First Hospital:  This is an inpatient facility for all ages.  Please call 1-(800)-624-9902 for additional information.


Pittsburgh:         Zoar Home:  This is a residential addiction treatment program for pregnant women and children.  Pleasecall (412) 486-9400 for additional information.


Wilkes-Barre:   Clear Brook Treatment Facility: This is an inpatient facility for adolescents suffering from alcoholism and chemical dependency.  Please call 1-(800)-582-6241 for additional information.


Williamsport:       West Branch Drug and Alcohol: (570) 323-8543


American Rescue Workers:  This is an alcohol rehabilitation center that provides transient and transitional housing for youth.  Please call (570) 323-8401 for additional information.


Waverly:             Marworth:  This is a residential drug and alcohol treatment program.

Please call 1-(800)- 442-7722 for additional information.


Pregnancy Counseling Services:

Harrisburg:   Real Alternatives:  This organization is based out of Harrisburg but they have a facility within 45 minutes of each county in Pennsylvania.  They will provide free pregnancy kits, maternity and baby clothing, diapers, temporary shelter, adoption information, pregnancy and prevention classes, and counseling.  They will travel to meet you if necessary.  For more information please contact them at 1-(888)-LIFEAID.  All information will be kept confidential.  You can visit their website at http://www.realalternatives.org.


Scranton:         Saint Joseph’s Center:  This organization provides pregnancy counseling, residential care, and is a licensed adoption agency.  Please call 1-(800)-786-6346 for additional information.


Williamsport:   Birthright of Williamsport:  This organization offers free pregnancy tests, baby, and maternity clothing.  Please call (570) 322-8215 for additional information.


Catholic Social Services of Lycoming County:  This organization provides a home for pregnant teens and counseling services.  Please call (570) 322-4220 for additional information.


Eckels Adoption Agency:  (570) 323-2520


Family Center for Reproductive Health:  (570) 321-3131


Family Planning: This organization provides birth control, counseling, family   planning, and health education.  Please call (570) 321-3131 for additional information.


Florence Crittendon: This organization offers free, confidential pregnancy tests for all ages.  Please call (570) 323-8555 for additional information.


Pregnancy Care Center:  (570) 321-8240


Providence House:  This is a group home that offers medical assistance and counseling for pregnant mothers.  Please call (570) 322-8490 for additional information.


Parent Education Programs/Family Support:

Enhault:            Lourdeshouse Maternity Home:  This facility offers prenatal education counseling and work experience services.  Please call (570) 986-9510 for additional information.


Lock Haven:   Babies First Days, Community Peri-natal Program:  This program is geared toward parenting teens.  Services are available before and after delivery.  Please call (570) 748-2272 for additional information.


Williamsport:   Bi-County W.I.C. Program:  This organization provides supplemental food, nutrition education, health assessments, and breast-feeding counseling.  Please call (570) 322-7656 for additional information.


Family Life Institute:  This organization provides parent education programs for individuals or couples.  Please call (570) 327-9286 for additional information.


Individual/Family Counseling:

Williamsport:   All Seasons:  (570) 323-6987

Catholic Social Services:  (570) 326-5125

Children and Youth :   (570) 326-7875

Cornerstone Family Health:  (570) 326-4118

Lycoming County Mental Health/Mental Retardation:  (570) 326-7895

Psychological and Counseling Services:  (570) 323-4933

Tressler Lutheran:  (570) 322-7873

Williamsport Psychological Associates:  (570) 322-2603


Inpatient Counseling Facilities:

Centre Hall:   The Meadows:  This is a treatment facility that offers inpatient-counseling services.  Students receive counseling and schooling at this facility.  Please call 1-(800)-641-7529 for additional information.


Danville:         Danville State Hospital: (570) 275-7011


Kingston:         First Hospital:  This is an inpatient facility for all ages.  Please call 1-(800)-624-9902.


Lock Haven:   Mill Hall:  This is a partial hospitalization program for adolescents.  Students receive counseling and schooling at this facility.  Please contact 1-(800)-893-5800 for additional information.


Support/Help for Financial Difficulties:


Station:            Hepburn Food and Fuel:  They will provide 3 days of food and fuel.  Please contact (570) 998-3112 for additional information.


Jersey Shore:   People That Love Center:  This center offers free meals, clothing, and furniture.  Please call (570) 398-1551 for additional information.


Muncy:              Sonlight House:  This organization will provide food and clothing to needy people.  Please contact (570) 546-3585 for additional information.


Williamsport:   American Rescue Workers:  This organization will provide shelter, clothes, food, and counseling free of charge.  Please call (570) 323-8401 for additional information.


Fuel Assistance Program:  This program will help with heating costs.  For additional information please call (570) 327-3497.


PP& L Winter Relief Program: PP&L customers who own or rent are eligible for free winterization services.  Please call 1-(800)-342-5775 for additional information.


Salvation Army:  This organization provides food, medicine, transportation, lodging, and infant needs free of cost.  Please call (570) 326-9187 for additional information.


Medical Assistance:

Williamsport:   Department of Public Welfare:  This organization offers employment services, medical assistance, and fuel assistance.  Please call (570) 327-3300 for more information.


Saint Anthony’s Center:  This center offers a free medical clinic and free food.  Please call (570) 326-2244 for additional information.


Sexual Assault:

Lock Haven:   Clinton County Women’s Center:  This facility offers counseling for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  They operate a 24-hour safe house.  Please call (570) 748-9509 for additional information.


Williamsport:   YWCA Wise Options:  This organization provides individual and group counseling for victims of rape and incest.  They will help pay for legal proceedings and rape exams.  Please call 1-(800)-326-8483 for additional information.



Harrisburg:   Covenant House:  This is a nationwide hotline that provides counseling for runaways.  Please call 1-(800)-999-9999.


Austin, Texas:   This is a runaway hotline that provides crisis counseling.  This hotline will relay messages back home for runaways.  Please call 1-(800) 231-6946.


Williamsport:   YWCA TeleAteen:  This is a peer support telephone service.  Please call 1-(800)-326-9577 if you would like to talk to someone your age about a situation you are facing.


Testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)/AIDS:

Lewisburg:   Family Planning:  They offer the same services as listed above.  Please call (570) 523-3600.


Lock Haven:   Family Planning:  Family Planning centers offer free STD and AIDS testing.  All information is confidential.  Please call (570) 748-7770.


Williamsport:   Family Planning:  They offer the same services as listed above.  Please call (570) 321-3131.


Self-Help Websites for Adolescents:



http://www.teachhotline.org:  This website provides information on how to help someone who is thinking about hurting themselves.

http://www.focusas.com/Depression.html:  This website defines “depression” and common causes of depression.

http://www.kidshealth.org/teen/your_mind/mental_health/depression.html:  This website provides an explanation of depression, as well as information on other problems adolescents face.

http://www.psychologyinfo.com/depression/teens.htm:  This website provides information on symptoms and treatment of depression and suicide.


Drug and Alcohol:

http://www.adcare.com:  This website has a sample screening test to help you determine whether you have a drug problem.  There is a 24-hour toll free number on this site.  This website also has links to recovery websites.

 http://www.alcoholhelpline.com/resources.html:   This website provides information on what drug and alcohol treatment would entail.  This site has links to other websites available to help deal with your situation.

http://www.livingcyber.org/links.html:  This website has a large number of links to other sites related to drug and alcohol treatment.

http://www.onlinerecovery.org/cd/:  This website provides information on what constitutes addiction.  It has links to many different drug and alcohol related self-help websites.

http://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org:  This site provides information about alcoholics anonymous.  It also has a test you can take in order to determine whether you have an addiction.

www.ca.org:  This website has a self-test to determine whether you have a cocaine addiction.  It discusses cocaine anonymous groups and what treatment for a cocaine addiction would entail.


http://www.al-anon.alateen.org/:  This website provides information on al-anon and alateen groups.

http://www.nationalhotline.org/heroin.html:  This website provides information on all types of drugs (i.e., ecstasy, cocaine, heroin) and how they affect your body.  This website also includes information on rehabilitation.

www.marijuana.org:  This website provides real life stories of drug related incidents.  There are links to recovery on this website.


Eating Disorders:

http://www.NationalEatingDisorders.org:  This website is very informative.  It provides a lot of information on the identification and treatment of Anorexia and Bulimia.

http://www.something-fishy.org:  This is a great website for finding information on Anorexia and/or Bulimia.  There is a test to take to see if you are at risk for an eating disorder.

http://www.familydoctor.org/handouts/277.html:  This website provides a description of Anorexia and Bulimia.  This site also has links to other resources.

http://www.eating-disorder.org/scared.html:  This website has information on signs and symptoms of anorexia and bulimia.  This site has personal stories of people who have these disorders.

www.eatingdisordersanonymous.org:  This website allows you to discuss your disorder with other people online.  This site has literature you can read that explains eating disorders and the recovery process.



http://www.focusas.com/SelfInjury.html:  This website describes signs, symptoms, and interventions for self-injurious behavior.

http://www.palace.net/~llama/psych/injury.html:  This is a self-help website to get you on your way to recovery.

http://www.smith.edu/ourhealthourfutures/selfmutil.html:  This website provides information on reasons why people self-mutilate and how to get help.


Sexual Transmitted Disease:

http://home.earthlink.net/~teen411/std.htm:  This is a very informative website that discusses all forms of STD’s.  Information is given on how diseases are contracted, the symptoms, and the treatment alternatives.

http://www.sworn.org/teen.html:  This website provides information on prevalence, symptoms, and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

http://www.lib.uiowa.edu/hardin/md/std.html:  This website describes all types of STD’s and has sources related to sexually transmitted diseases.


Teen Pregnancy:

http://www.realalternatives.org:  This website has a toll free number you can call in order to talk to someone about your fears.  This site also has information about pregnancy centers, adoption agencies, maternity residences, and fetal growth.

http://www.teenpregnancy.org:  This website looks at teen pregnancy and sexuality.

www.hometown.aol.com:  This website provides online advice and discussion with other pregnant teens.

www.members.aol.com:  This is a site for teen parents to get advice and support and meet other teens in similar situations.

http://www.allexperts.com/central/parenting.shtml: This website provides information for pregnant and parenting teens.



http://kidshelp.sympatico.ca/en/:   This website covers many topics including: bullying, dating, family life, school, violence/abuse, and conflict resolution.

http://www.virtualwholeness.com/:   There is an array of information relating to mental health issues including: stress management, anxiety, eating disorders, and self-mutilation.

http://www.smith.edu/ourhealthourfutures/index.html:  This website has information on eating disorders, self-mutilation, peer pressure, substance abuse, physical health, emotional health, and sexual issues.


Confidential/Free Hotlines to call in case you need someone to talk to about a problem:


AIDS/Sexually Transmitted Disease:

AIDS Hotline:                                                   1-(800)-AID-AIDS

The Teen AIDS Hotline:                                    1-(800)-440-TEEN

National AIDS Hotline:                                    1-(800)-342-2437

Sexually Transmitted Disease

(STD) Hotline:                                                  1-(800)-227-8922


Arson and Kids:                                               1-(800)-851-4320

Child Abuse:

Childhelp USA:                                                1-(800)-4-A-CHILD

Child Abuse Hotline:                                                1-(800)-25-ABUSE

Mission Children:                                              1-(800)-843-5678

National Child Abuse

Hotline:                                                             1-(800)-442-4452

Drugs and Alcohol:

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Hotline:             1-(800)-333-4444

Al-Anon/Alateen Hotline:                         1-(800)-344-2666

National Association for

Children of Alcoholics:                                1-(800)-55-4COAS

Poison Control:                                     1-(800)-231-6946

Cocaine Help Line:                                         1-(800)-222-2463

National Youth Crisis      1-(800)-HIT-HOME

Eating Disorders (Anorexia/Bulimia):

National Eating Disorder Association:            1-(800)-931-2237

Eating Disorder Helpline:                                   1-(800)-323-8555

Family/Domestic Violence:

Coalition Against Domestic Violence:            1-(800)-333-SAFE

National Domestic Violence Hotline:             1-(800)-799-SAFE


Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Youth:                        1-(800)-347-TEEN

The National Gay and Lesbian Hotline:            1-(888)-THE-GLNH


Homeless Hotline:                                     1-(800)-654-8595

Homeless Helpline:                                                1-(800)-563-1600

National Youth Crisis Hotline:                        1-(800)-HIT-HOME

Mental Health:

National Institute of Mental Health:              1-(888)-ANXIETY

Mental Health Info Source:                              1-(800)-447-4474

Talk Zone (Peer Counselors)                              1-(800)-475-TALK


Accidental Pregnancy Hotline:             1-(800)-848-LOVE

Depression After Delivery:                          1-(800)-944-4773

National Pregnancy Hotline:                         1-(800)-848-5683

Parents Too Soon:                                       1-(800)-4CALLUS

Real Alternatives:                                          1-(888)-LIFEAID


Rape Abuse and Incest National Network:            1-(800)-656-HOPE  Extension #1

Rape Crisis:                                                      1-(888)-293-2080

National Youth Crisis Hotline:             1-(800)-HIT-HOME


National Runaway Switchboard:                        1-(800)-621-4000

National Youth Crisis Hotline:                        1-(800)-HIT-HOME

National Network for Kids in Crisis:                        1-(800)-KID-SAVE


Self-Abuse Hotline:                                                1-(800)-DON’T-CUT

Suicide Prevention:

National Suicide Hotline:                                    1-(800)-621-4000

Suicide and Crisis Hotline:                                    1-(800)-999-9999

Suicide Hotline:                                                 1-(800)-448-3000

Suicide Prevention:                                                1-(800)-596-4287

Teen Suicide Hotline/Teen Line:                        1-(800)-347-TEEN

Suicide Help Line:                                                1-(800)-SUICIDE

National Youth Crisis Hotline:                        1-(800)-HIT-HOME

Victims of Violent Crimes:

National Victim Center:                                    1-(800)-FYI-CALL

National Youth Crisis Hotline:               1-(800)-HIT-HOME