Dr. Mary Bennardi

Dr. Mary C. Bennardi, Muncy High School Class of 1984 became the most recent inductee into the Muncy High School Academic Hall of Fame on June 6, 2014. Dr. Bennardi becomes the 20thinductee into the Academic Hall of Fame.

Dr. Bennardi, the daughter of Rudolph Anthony and Mary Ellen Bennardi, graduated from Muncy High School with the class of 1984. One of five siblings, Dr. Mary learned cooperation and competitiveness in her home at a very young age. Mary participated in tennis and was a memberof the National Honor Society in her years at Muncy High School. Mary was also a member of the chorus and drum major for the marching band. After high school, Mary attended St. Francis College. While at St. Francis, Mary continued her athletic career in tennis and we are told she still dreams of using her fourth year of eligibility in the NCAA. The reason Mary did not use that fourth year of eligibility is because she was already enrolled at the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Dental Medicine during her fourth year at St. Francis. Dr.Mary started this program at St. Francis for fourth year students and it continues today. While attending dental school, Mary was vice- president of the American Student Dental Association and was a member of the Student Pediatric Dental Association. Dr. Mary studied at Children’s Hospital while attending dental school and took additional course work in Dentistry for the Special Needs.

After graduating from dental school in 1991, Dr. Mary Bennardi did what she thought she never would do, she returned home to Muncy. The opportunity to live and work in a community that had given so much to her and her family was too much to resist. Muncy is truly blessed that Dr. Mary made that decision to return home in 1991 because the town and the community have benefitted tremendously from her presence and contributions over the last 25 years.

Dr. Mary Bennardi has not just given back to Muncy and Lycoming County but has given to Sullivan County as well. We received numerous letters from Sullivan County officials in support of her nomination. Dr. Mary Bennardi was instrumental in establishing a volunteer dental clinic in Sullivan County due to the fact that there was only one dentist in Sullivan County at the time. Mary has always shared her time and talents with the under served and feels the need to give back to her community. Dr. Mary Bennardi has also given back to the Muncy School District, serving as the school dentist for the past twenty years. She has always donated her salary to provide for dental care for any students who need help from any dental provider. Mary was also instrumental in the founding of the “Study Buddy” program at the elementary school, along with being a leader on the wellness council for the school district. Dr. Mary Bennardi also serves on the Muncy School Board currently as its vice-president.

Mary will tell you that she feels it has been a privilege to give back to her alma mater just a portion of what she has received. In the words of her nominator and lifelong friend, Kathy Blaker, “It is my hope that all students would be able to look to our community leaders for inspiration and guidance. Dr. Mary C. Bennardi is the perfect role model not only for today’s children but also for a future that would insure that Muncy would be a community dedicated to giving our best to others.”

Dr. Mary C. Bennardi runs a family dental practice on Main Street in Muncy with her husband, Dr. Tom Barberio. She is the proud mother of three sons, Anthony, Angelo, and Mario.