Educational Trip Form

Ward L. Myers Elementary School Travel/Educational Trip Form

Ward L. Myers Elementary School Travel/Educational Trip Form


The Board of School Directors recognizes that educational travel experiences for students enhance and enrich the learning opportunities provided in the Muncy School District. The policy and guidelines, complete the information requested below, and submit this at least one week prior to the anticipated absence for an educational trip.

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In-State Travel / Educational Trip

MUNCY SCHOOL DISTRICT POLICY 204.1 EDUCATION TRIPS, NOT SCHOOL SPONSORED The Board, therefore, directs the superintendent, or designee, to provide an opportunity for such travel experience during the designated school year. The Board also directs the superintendent to establish and annually publicize the procedure and the criteria by which such requests for educational trips may be submitted and approved. ADMINISTRATIVE REGULATIONS AND GUIDELINES A. The building principal may approve requests for no more than two educational trips which, in aggregate, total no more than ten (10) school days per school year. The building principal shall inform the K-12 Principal that a request for an educational trip has been approved. No request will be approved for an educational trip during the first and last week of the school year. Furthermore, no request will be approved for a student who is on academic probation or who is academically ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities. Finally, no request shall be approved for a student who has been absent from school for more than ten (10) school days in the academic year unless the student has experienced a documented extraordinary illness/injury or circumstance.

B. A documented and signed application must be received by the principal from the parent/guardian one (1) week prior to the anticipated absence. The application is to include:

  1. The date of submission of the request.
  2. The date(s) the student will be absent for the purpose of travel.
  3. The specific educational nature of the trip including any related projects.
  4. The name of the adult who is directing and supervising the pupil during the trip. This person must be acceptable to the parent/guardian and the building principal.
  5. The name and grade levels of other students participating in the same trip.

C. In order to qualify as being educational, the trip must include an activity that is held in an educational setting such as, but not limited to a:

  • simulator
  • school
  • museum
  • historical site
  • zoo
  • gallery
  • laboratory
  • state or national park
  • library
  • etc

in which the student will experience first-hand or in simulation the concept being presented. Hunting and fishing trips shall be considered activities held in an educational setting.

D. It shall be the responsibility of the student to initiate contact with his/her teachers to arrange for learning experiences, assignments, and/or examinations to be completed. At the secondary level, each of the student’s teachers must initial the application. This indicates that the teacher has been informed of the pending trip. The teacher is encouraged to contact the principal if he/she feels the educational trip request should be denied.

E. In conveying a positive response to the application, it should be clearly stated that the granting of this request does not assure a passing grade for any course of study. It shall remain the responsibility of the student to satisfactorily complete all required assignments within the time requirements designated by the teacher in consultation with the student. This may include projects directly related to the trip as assigned by a professional staff member.

F. Failure to follow the procedures outlined in this policy will result in an unexcused and/or illegal absence and a filing grade for each day absent in each subject/course.