About the O.P.T

The primary goal of this organization is to support the educational and physical welfare of our children, and it takes the full cooperation and involvement of everyone – parents, guardians, teachers, and administrators – to reach this goal.
We hope that everyone will actively participate in the school life of our children by giving some of their time to the O.P.T. All parents and teachers are urged to join this fine organization. Various committees are formed throughout the school year. Grade Parents and helpers are always needed.

Through our fund raising projects programs, field trips, awards, and supplemental materials are provided for the school by the O.P.T. Funding provided by the O.P.T. does not take the place of school budget items. Rather, they add to that which is normally provided by the school. All activities are aimed at enriching the school’s curriculum and broadening the interests of the children.

If you would like more information on the O.P.T., or are interested in becoming a member or a volunteer, please contact Hannah Peachey, O.P.T. President.
2024-2025 O.P.T. Officers
Mrs. Hannah Peachey- President 
Ms. Tyranni DeWitt- Vice-President
Mrs. Emily Glidewell – Secretary
Mrs. Amy Becher – Treasurer