The Muncy School District provides quality career and technology programs for our high school students as a member of the Lycoming Career and Technology Center (Lyco CTC), located on the campus of Hughesville High School in the East Lycoming School District.

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Lycoming Career and Technology Center

Mission Statement

The Lycoming Career & Technology Center, an alliance of cooperating school districts, delivers quality career and technical programs through business and education partnerships to ensure successful transition to the workforce and/or continuing education.


Students residing in the four participating school districts are eligible to attend. The four participating school districts are: East Lycoming, Montoursville Area, Muncy and Warrior Run.

The LYCO CTC accepts students enrolled in the 10th, 11th and 12 grades. Ninth grader students are accepted under special circumstances.

Non Public School Students

Non public school students that live in one of the four participating districts are invited to investigate the educational opportunities at the LYCO CTC.

How to Apply

Eligible students may obtain application materials from their high school counselor. You may contact the LYCO CTC directly and receive an application packet. Please e-mail our secretary for an application at

Check Us Out

Step 1 – CAREER EXPO – The LYCO CTC will conduct a Career Expo in October. All interested students and parents are encouraged to attend.
Step 2 – THE SCHOOL TOUR – The LYCO CTC will conduct a tour of our facility and all programs for all 9th grade students. This will occur some time in November or December.
Step 3 – THE PRESENTATION – A LYCO CTC representative will come to each of the sending schools in January and deliver an informational presentation to all 9th grade students.
Step 4 – CLOSER LOOK – Students may sign up for a closer look and come back to the LYCO CTC and spend an entire session in one program area.


The four sending schools provide bus transportation to and from the LYCO CTC for their students. Generally, student driving is not permitted except in special circumstances.

Attendance Options

Upon graduation, students may be eligible for immediate employment or higher education and are able to include LYCO CTC Work Experience Program(s) during the third year.

Two-year Students have the option of attending the LYCO CTC for two years. The two year program would focus on specific competencies in their chosen program area and provide the student with a solid background in that area.

One year Students will benefit from attending the LYCO CTC for one year by providing the student with a basic understanding of the chosen program area.


LYCO CTC students attend their home school for one-half day for their academic subjects and attend the LYCO CTC for the remaining half day. The sessions are approximately 8:45 to 10:45 AM for the morning session, and 12:45 to 2:59 PM for the afternoon session.
The session you attend depends on your sending school. Generally, Montoursville Area, Muncy and Warrior Run students attend the AM session. East Lycoming students attend the PM session. East Lycoming may send students to both sessions.

Technical Training and Academics

You don’t have to choose between technical training and academics. We can help you achieve the best of both the academic and technical training worlds. Most students’ schedule will permit you to take college prep courses at your home school and receive advanced technical training from the LYCO CTC. This combination of academics and technical training increases your employability or prepares you for post secondary training and even college.