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Visitor Procedure

Visitor Management

The Muncy School District will be using the Raptor Visitor Management System to enhance and automate visitors to the school. Visitors, volunteers and staff will be required to show a valid, government issued ID to gain entrance into the school. Once cleared through the system, a visitor badge is produced that includes a photo, name of the visitor, date, time and destination. The Raptor system is designed to permanently replace paper sign in. Raptor is able to scan all U.S. government issued licenses, identification cards, concealed handgun licenses, Matricula consular ID cards, permanent resident cards, active military cards and passport ID cards (not the full passport). Raptor is only scanning the visitor’s name, date of birth, photo and the last four digits from their ID card for comparison with a national database of registered sex offenders.  Additional personal data will not be gathered and no data will be shared with any outside company or organization.  Every visitor must return to the front desk to sign out of the Raptor system when leaving the building. Badges are left at the front desk and destroyed daily by school personnel. This process is only for persons wishing to enter/access the school past the reception desk. The Raptor system will only be used during school hours.