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Clearance Information for Volunteers

School Volunteer Clearance Information
Dear School Volunteer:
A recent amendment to the Child Protective Services Law by the state of Pennsylvania will have a direct impact on how the school district conducts field trips. Specifically, the school district will need all field trip chaperones and volunteers to obtain and maintain current clearances in accordance with the Child Protective Services Law. Once obtained, clearances will be valid for 5 years. There are 3 clearances that are needed for all volunteers.
The three required clearances include the following:    Act 34 Clearance – PA Criminal History Check    $22.00 fee (free for volunteers)
1, Click on the link above
2. Click in the middle of the page on "Submit a New Record Check".
3. Read the information and click "accept".
4. Fill in the information requested.  For reason, scroll down to "school district".
5. Verify your information and click "Proceed".
6. After submitting, usually within a few minutes, your results should appear, click on view results and print out a copy.  Act 151 – Child Abuse Background Check     $13.00 fee (free for volunteers
1. After clicking on the link above, click "Create Individual Account" (unless you already created have an account)
2. Read the welcome and then click "next".
3. Create your own "Keystone ID" and answer the questions on the page including the security question (use an email account you can access because they will send you a temporary password that you will need to complete the process).
4. Check your email for the temporary password they send to you.
5. Go back to the main page using the link above (compass.state) and this time click "Login".
6. Then click on "Access My Clearances".
7. Read the information and then click on "Continue".
8. Type in your username and the temporary password emailed to you.
9. It will ask you  to create a new password and click "Continue".
10. Select "Volunteer" as the reason from the drop down list of choices and then fill in the remaining information requested on the screen.  It is a secure site so you can enter your social security number.
11. You can select to have a paper copy mailed to you but you will get an electronic version that you can print off so it is your choice. 
12. You will need to list every permanent address you have lived since 1975.  If you do not remember all the specifics such as zip code or street address just fill in as much as you can.  If parents/grandparents are deceased, you do not need to put an age in for them.
13. You will need to list everyone you have ever lived with, this includes your parent(s), spouse, ex-spouses, etc.  You will need to select how they are/were related to you. 
14. You will need to click to verify that what you are submitting is correct.
15. After submitting, usually within a few minutes, your results should appear right under the account number in a green box that will say "To view the result, click here".
16. The PDF of the certificate should show up, print out a copy then at the top of the page click "Log Out".  Act 114 Clearance – Federal Criminal History Check – Fingerprinting   $22.60 fee
Please note - If you have continuously lived in the state of Pennsylvania for the past 10 years AND swear in writing that you have never been convicted of a disqualifying crime in Pennsylvania, or the corresponding offenses under the law of any other jurisdiction,  a volunteer affidavit is available in lieu of this clearance. For the volunteer affidavit, click here.
1. Clink on the link above.
2. The PDE Volunteer service code number is 1KG6ZJ .
3. Follow the directions on the IdentoGo link.
4. You will need to enroll and then go to IdentoGo at 280 Kane Street, Suite 2, South Williamsport for your fingerprints. Hours are Mon. - Sat.,    8:00 a.m. to Noon.
Please make the necessary arrangements to get your clearances prior to the date of the field trip if you plan to participate as a chaperone. If you have any further questions regarding the state mandated requirement related to the clearances, please contact the elementary office. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Mr. Steven Haddon, Principal