•                      Academic Standards for Student Achievement

    The Pennsylvania academic standards describe what a student must know or be able to do prior to graduation from public school. These standards will be presented to students through a systematic organization of curriculum, instruction and assessment designed to meet or exceed state and national standards.  The district shall provide for attainment of the academic standards as stated in Chapter 4, section 4.12 and consistent with Muncy School District Board Policy 102. The approved Pennsylvania Academic Standards shall guide the district program in the areas of reading, writing, speaking, listening and mathematics .  The District currently aligns its curriculum with the following Pennsylvania Standards:   

    • Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening
    • Mathematics
    • Science and Technology
    • Environment and Ecology
    • Social Studies: specifically, civics and government, geography, economics and history
    • Arts and Humanities
    • Career Education and Work
    • Health, Safety and Physical Education
    • Family and Consumer Sciences
    • World Languages

    For students who need additional support to reach academic standards, Title I and special education services are available for each student that meets the criteria for services.

    Parents and staff members may refer a student for participation a gifted education program that is instructed by a K-12 gifted education teacher.The gifted education teacher coordinates with regular classroom teachers and course instructors to provide enhanced and enriched activities for each student that meets the criteria for services.

    Elementary Planned Instruction

    All elementary age students attending the Muncy School District receive instruction in the core subjects of reading, spelling, math, English, science, and social studies.  Kindergarten students receive a full year, full-day program.  Additionally, students receive weekly instruction in art, music, physical education, technology, health, and library by certified specialists. Planned courses and curriculum maps outline all subject matter to be taught at each grade level.   Realizing that students vary in their rate of acquisition and retention of material, the Muncy School District provides a variety of instructional activities for students at risk of not meeting academic standards.  Title I programs, instructional support services, and special education services are available to students meeting criteria for services. 

     Strategies, such as differentiated instruction, guided reading and performance assessment continue to be a major focus of our instructional delivery system.  A combination of local, state and national assessments, outlined in the Assessments and Public Reporting section of this plan, are used to monitor student progress and provide feedback to guide our curriculum and professional development.


    High School Planned Instruction

    In order to be eligible to graduate from the Muncy School District, a student shall meet the requirements of completing the necessary courses of instruction with passing grades.  In compliance with Chapter 4, they will demonstrate mastery of the Pennsylvania Academic Standards.  The current graduation requirements are as follows: 


    High School Graduation Requirements        

    Higher Education     
                        Grades 9-12 (Credit total = 26.50)

                                        Category                                                                                    Credits

                                        English (includes speech using computer apps)                    4.50

                                        Social Studies                                                                              4.00

                                        Science  (Biology is required)                                                   4.00

                            Mathematics (Algebra I is required)                                         4.00     

                                        *Foreign Language                                                                      1.00

                                        Physical Education/Health                                                           2.00     

                                        Electives (2 credits must be in Arts and/or Humanities)              7.00                            

    *Note:  Two year sequence is strongly recommended for acceptance into colleges and universities


    Career/Business Education  
                          Grades 9 – 12 (Credit total =26.50)

                                       Category                                                                                    Credits

                                       English (includes speech using computer apps)                    4.50    

                                       Social Studies                                                                              4.00

                                       Science  (Biology is required)                                                   4.00

                                       Mathematics (Algebra I is required)                                          3.00

                                       Business Technology                                                                   5.00 

                                       Physical Education/Health                                                           2.00       

                                       Electives (2 credits must be in Arts and/or Humanities)              4.00


    Lyco CTC Education

                            Grades 9 – 12 (Credit total = 25.50)

                                       Category                                                                                    Credits

                                       English (includes speech using computer apps)                    4.50                            

                           Social Studies                                                                             3.00 

                                       Science  (Biology is required)                                                   3.00

               Mathematics (Algebra I is required)                                        3.00  

                                       Physical Education/Health                                                           2.00   

                                       Electives (2 credits must be in Arts and/or Humanities)            10.00 

    Note: Requirements associated with the Keystone Examinations will apply as dictated by state regulations.

    Support for gifted learners is provided for students in grades 7-12. A gifted teacher coordinates with regular course instructors to provide enhanced and enriched activities for each student that meets the criteria for services.

    Grading System

    In grades 7 - 12, each student receives a report of their school progress at the end of each nine week grading period.  The report contains a course grade, achievement, effort and behavior comments for each subject.  A copy of the report of school progress is also maintained for the guidance office permanent records.  Grades have the following values:

                                        A = 95 - 100 Superior

                                        B = 85 - 94  Above Average

                                        C = 75 - 84  Average

                                        D = 70 - 74  Below Average

                                        E = Below 70 Failing

    Graduation Requirements - State of Pennsylvania
    The following requirements of the Board of Education of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania apply to all students:

    In order to graduate from high school, a student shall demonstrate achievement of the student academic standards specified in Chapter 4 and the assessment plan for the school district.  The assessment plan describes the criteria the district uses to determine achievement of the student academic standards for the purposes of high school graduation consistent with Chapter 4.  If a student does not demonstrate achievement at the proficient level in 11th grade they are enrolled in a portfolio assessed, standards-based seminar course specifically aligned with the state standards in Reading, Mathematics and Writing*.  Students may also retake the PSSA once during their senior year.
    *Beginning in the spring of 2013, Keystone Examinations will replace the PSSA for grade 11 students.
    Students will be required to demonstrate proficiency on a series of Keystone examinations. The specific examinations and requirements are outlined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

    An Individualized Career Plan  is completed under the guidance and direction of the high school faculty.  The purpose of the project, which may include research, writing, or some other appropriate form of demonstration, is to assure that the student is able to apply, analyze, synthesize and evaluate information and communicate significant knowledge and understanding. 

    An eligible student who satisfactorily completes a special education program developed by an Individualized Education Program team shall be granted and issued a regular high school diploma by the school district of residence.