• Kindergarten Registration Now Open for the 2023-2024 School Year!

    Kindergarten registration will be open from January 12th through March 31st for the 2023-24 school year. In order to participate in Kindergarten orientation activities, children must be fully registered by March 31st. To begin the online portion of the process, click on the following links to complete the online registration and health information forms. Online registration can be completed at any computer with internet access.  If you do not have access to a computer, please visit the local library or call Vickie Conner at 570-546-3129, ext. 1100 to schedule an appointment to begin the process using a Muncy School District computer. 

    All children must be five years of age by the first day of school. (The tentative first day of school will be September 05,2023 pending School Board approval of the 2023-24 calendar.)


    Step 1: Complete the following online registration form.

    KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION FORM (Be sure to hit "DONE" to submit this form.)

    Step 2: Complete the following health Information form.

    HEALTH INFORMATION FORM (Be sure to hit "DONE" to submit this form.)

    Step 3: Contact Registrar & Provide documentation

    After submitting the registration AND health forms, please contact Kim Hill, Student Registrar by email khill@muncysd.org or call 570-546-3125, ext. 3450 and she will provide you with the necessary forms required to complete enrollment for your child. 

    In addition to the required registration and health forms above, you will need to provide the following documentation: 

    • Your child's immunization records. If you do not have these records, please obtain a copy from your doctor's office.
    • Your child's proof of birth (birth certificate, valid passport, notarized affidavit of birth, etc.).
    • Proof of residency (current utility bill, lease/rental agreement, valid driver's license, tax statement, current bank statement).
    • Custody and/or guardianship documentation if applicable.

    Tips for Successful Online Submission:

    • Google Chrome or Firefox work best for our website.
    • Be sure to hit "done" when online registration form is complete. If you choose "save," you can return to it at a later time, but it will not be submitted until you hit "done".
    • If you are completing the pre-registration forms on a mobile device, they can be emailed to khill@muncysd.org using the device forwarding icon in lieu of the submit button.