Textbook Adoptions and Planned Course Outlines

  • Textbook Adoptions, Planned Course Outlines, Resource and Materials List (Policy 109)

    Planned Course Outlines 

    Planned Course Outlines and Course Selection Guides (MSD staff access only with Office 365 username / password)

    Materials and Resource List - Policy 109

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    English / Reading / Language Arts 

    Grades K-2 –  Zahner Bloser (formerly Rowland Reading) Superkids 

    Grades 3-5 – McGraw Hill Wonders

    Grades 6-12 – Pearson Common Core Literature


    Grades K-6 – Pearson Savvas enVision 2020
    Grades 7-9 – Pearson Savvas enVision 2.0

    Algebra 1 & 2 –  Pearson enVision 2.0 / Pearson PH Common Core Algebra

    Geometry – Pearson /Prentice Hall Geometry

    Precalculus – Brooks/Cole/Cengage Learning Precalculus
    Calculus – Brooks/Cole/Cengage Learning Calculus of  A Single Variable
    Statistics – Bedford/Freeman/Worth Statistics and Probability

    Pearson Realize  


    Grades K-8 – Pearson Interactive Science

    Conceptual Chemistry – W.H. Freeman Chemistry in the Community

    Advanced Placement Chemistry – Pearson AP Chemistry

    Anatomy and Physiology –  Glencoe McGraw Hill Hole’s Anatomy and Physiology

    Biology –  Raven, Peter H. & George B. Johnson Biology 

    Social Studies

    Advanced Placement Psychology – Pearson AP Psychology

    Civics – McGraw Hill Civics/Building Citizenship

    American History – Pearson Realize - History of Our Nation

    Principles of Democracy – Pearson/Prentice Hall Magruders

    American Government and Economics: Principles in Action

    World Languages

    Spanish – Vista Higher Learning  Descrube 1-3

    Marilyn Saker Eastern Michigan University Music Theory and Practice