•  Mrs. Gotshall

    English Teacher

    English 10
    English 11
    Sophomore Class Advisor
    Phone: (570) 546-3127 ext. 3070
    Room 102
    **Please note--Remote learning office hours
    Please contact me via email or remind app with questions at any time.
    I will check frequently for messages, but especially at the following times:
    Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9AM-12PM
    Tuesday & Thursday 12PM-3PM
    I am available to talk to you over the phone with questions as well.  Please provide a good phone number, and I will call you.
    For specific information, please view google classroom:

    English 10 Weekly Agenda

    English 11 Weekly Agenda



    Required Materials: 

    • Pencil, pen, & highlighters
    • English 3 ring binder (with pockets)— Keep all materials, all year, unless otherwise noted. On every paper I give you, you must record your name and date in the upper left corner.  All materials in your binder should be kept in order by DATE RECEIVED.  You will have a notebook check each marking period (for points)!  Any papers I return to you should be replaced in your binder. 
    • Loose leaf paper in binder (avoid messy edges)
    • Independent reading novels, post-its, flashcards, flash drive/email address


    Student Expectations:          

    • Be prepared: pencil, pen, notebook, book, homework. No extra copies.  Participate and try your best.
    • Treat others with respect: No insults, teasing, rude/insensitive comments. Respect people and property of this room.  Use manners & control yourself.
    • Stay seated until the bell. Do not line up at the door or sit on desks.  Push in chairs.
    • No food. Water is permitted.
    • Bring only English class materials into this classroom.
    • Listen actively. Stay on task without disturbing/distracting others. Follow instructions the first time they are given, and then ask pertinent questions after directions are given. 
    • No hand-raising. I will call on students so please be prepared to respond.



    • Cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted in my room during school hours.
    • If I  hear your phone or other electronic device, I will take possession of it as indicated by school rules.


    Negative consequences:

    • Verbal warning
    • Completion of a think sheet (on your time) in room 102
    • Detention in room 102. Note sent home to be signed to be signed.
    • School detention. Parent phone call.
    • Dismissal from class with formal referral to the office.


    Positive consequences:

    • Display work on bulletin board/student recognition
    • Positive note or call/email home
    • Reward game
    • Reward day


    Grading Procedure: 

    • I will use a point system for scoring.
    • Any project, essay or graded classwork that is handed in late will have points deducted. Same day late=75% credit.  Next day or later=50% credit.  After that=No credit.
    • Due dates will be announced in advanced; therefore, even if you are absent the day an assignment is due, it is due immediately upon return from absence.
    • Assignments are due before planned absences (educational trips, doctor appointments, etc.)
    • If at any point in the marking period you near failing, it is likely you will be asked to have academic detention with me for extra help to get you back on track. The purpose of this intervention is to provide you with an opportunity for support BEFORE it is too late!  It is your responsibility to provide after school transportation if you are asked to stay.



    • I will not accept late homework.
    • Possible homework grades are 2, 1 or 0.
    • At the end of the marking period, I will examine the average of your homework scores.
      • Average 1.5-2= 2 percentage points
      • Average 1-1.4= 1 percentage point
      • Average below 1= 0 percentage point
    • Homework will be checked randomly, and you are expected to complete it even if I do not check it that day.
    • If you miss homework due to absence, you must make it up and show it to me at an appropriate time outside of regular class time (get here early).
    • Some homework will be checked “on your honor” in which only some students will need to prove grade they assign themselves.



    • Visit the make-up station immediately upon your return to class.
    • Check the ketchup binder to see the class agenda for the day of your absence to determine what you missed that day. Do not remove the binder from this classroom.
    • Look in the folder for any handouts I distributed on the day of your absence.
    • Read or complete any work you missed. See me if you have questions.  You have as many days as you were absent to make up any missed work. 
    • You must make-up ALL bell ringer work and journals when you return from absence.
    • If an assignment is due the day you are out, plan on giving it to me the moment you come back to school.
    • If you are in the building but not in my class, all work is still due that day.


    Restroom Policy:

    • Each quarter you will receive a page of four restroom passes.
    • When you need to use the restroom, ask the teacher first (preferably at a time which does not disrupt class). Neatly tear off pass, add date & time, and drop the pass and your phone in the basket.
    • Short of an emergency, only one person is allowed to leave the room at a time.
    • When you are out of passes, don’t ask to use the restroom. Use them wisely!
    • Unused passes can be cashed in at the end of the marking period for bonus points.


    General Classroom Procedures:

    • Enter and leave the classroom quietly. Find your seat quickly and quietly.  Immediately begin your bell ringer.
    • I prefer that you do ask to leave at the start of class. In addition, it is normally not necessary to leave right after lunch or upon return from LycoCTC.  Use your lunch/free time wisely and stay in class.  I generally do not allow students to leave the room unless there is a genuine need.
    • Each student must have his/her name & date at the top of all assignments. No name = no score.
    • Work must be legible and written/typed on appropriate paper with no fringes.
    • Tardiness will receive negative consequences as previously outlined.
    • All work for this class must be your own. Plagiarism, cheating, or talking during assessments will result in a detention and parents will be notified immediately. Students may only receive up to a 50% on the assignment.
    • Chromebooks are to be used only when working on class assignments. Misuse of chromebooks will result in a suspension of computer use during class time. Also, students are to use classroom equipment with care! Students are responsible for their desks, class materials, and computer equipment! If any problems or changes in the work area are noticed, report them as soon as possible.