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    UGH! Almost done! The finish line is in site! This has been the shortest/longest nine weeks of our life! I miss you guys terribly! I don't think I would have become an art teacher if the classes were always on line. You kids make my life!!! Hope you all are staying safe! Please remember this last nine weeks is Pass/Fail, which means all you need to do is pass with a 70% or higher! For those of you that have not done any assignments yet, there is still hope! You will not fail if you send me a lesson or two-no problem.

    For this week's assignment, you will again, reference the P & E link above and concentrate on LINE.  I would like you to find an example of line around your house, outside or even on your phone and then send it to me. You can send a picture OR a one or two word response. Remember you can use either email OR text at the number to the left.

    Stay safe! Miss you!