Dr. Craig Skaluba, Superintendent, 546-3125, ext. 2040,  cskaluba@muncysd.org

    Dr. Kimberly Hamilton, Assistant to the Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, 546-3125, ext. 2040, khamilton@muncysd.org

    Mr. Andrew Seese, Business Administrator and Board Secretary, 546-3125, ext. 2020, aseese@muncysd.org

    Mrs. April Farrell, Coordinator of Special Education, 546-3125, ext 1470, afarrell@muncysd.org

    Mr. Steven Haddon, Principal, Ward L. Myers Elementary School, 546-3125, ext. 1100, shaddon@muncysd.org.

    Mr. Timothy Welliver, Principal, Muncy Junior-Senior High School, 546-3125, ext. 3410, twelliver@muncysd.orgj



    Mr. Thomas Kuntz, Food Service Director 546-3125, ext. 1120, tkuntz@muncysd.org

    Mr. Corey Palmatier, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds 546-3125, ext. 3720, cpalmatier@muncysd.org

    Mr. Chris Frey, Technology Support Specialist 546-3125, ext. 3460, cfrey@muncysd.org

    Mr. Curt Chilson, Athletic Director 546-3125, ext. 3630, cchilson@muncysd.org