• Ms. Rae-Ellah Biddle

    English Teacher

    E-mail: rbiddle@muncysd.org

    Phone: (570) 564-3127 ext. 3040


    Classroom Rules

    Golden Rule: Respect and be polite to all people and property! Listen actively when the teacher or other students are speaking. Stay on task without disturbing or distracting others.

    1. Arrive on time! Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings; complete the bellringer assignment upon entry.
    2. Always come prepared! Bring all needed materials to class: Chromebook, headphones, a pencil (or blue/black pen), notebook, and specified text(s).
    3. Pay attention and raise your hand to speak.
    4. Give all work your best effort!
    5. Complete your work on time!
    6. Have a positive attitude!

    Digital Conferencing (Zoom) Expectations for Students (as per student handbook)

    1. All in-person classroom rules apply in digital conferencing sessions.
    2. Student attire should be school appropriate.
    3. Students should choose an area with good lighting, limited noise, and with no inappropriate items behind them.
    4. Students should utilize headphones for participation in digital conferencing.
    5. Students should enter digital conference sessions muted using their school assigned login information.
    6. Students should follow any additional teacher guidelines.
    7. Any unauthorized recordings and screenshots of digital conferencing sessions are strictly prohibited.