• Ms. Rae-Ellah Biddle

    English Teacher

    E-mail: rbiddle@muncysd.org

    Phone: (570) 564-3127 ext. 3040


    Classroom Rules

    Golden Rule: Respect and be polite to all people and property! Listen actively when the teacher or other students are speaking.


    Expectations for Teacher:

    Expectations for Students:

    • Be kind and empathetic
    • Have a positive attitude
    • Communicate effectively with students and parents
    • Be prepared for class
    • Make learning fun
      • Vary classroom activities
    • Check for understanding


    • Be kind and empathetic
    • Be prepared for class
    • Work to the best of your ability
    • Complete your work on time
    • Stay on task without disturbing or distracting others
    • Be willing to help each other when appropriate