•  **Important Information **

    Starting Monday March 30, 2020, classes in the Muncy School District will be moving to a remote learning model.


    Please access the REMOTE LEARNING tab at the side of the website or click here.


    In moving to a remote learning model, it is my intention to provide multiple ways to contact me which are listed on the REMOTE LEARNING tab. I will also have links in the REMOTE LEARNING tab that may useful for completing assignments and communication with the teacher.


    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions via email jkreisher@muncysd.org, or through calling my phone number 570-546-3125 ext 3090 and leaving a voicemail as I have it set up to to auto forward your voicemail to my email and play audio of your message. Please remember, if calling, to leave your name and number for me to call you back. Thank you for your understanding and remember this could be fun!


    -------> Also, please sign up for Remind if you have not already. Codes are listed below and on Remote Learning Tab on Mrs. Kreisher's webpage.




    FACS I




    7th Grade FACS- Quarter 4 2020


    General Math


    Math Analysis


    Senior Math Lab



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  • Mrs. Kreisher's 2018-2019 Schedule

    Period 1: Algebra 1

    Period 2: Algebra 1

    Period 3: Prep

    Period 4: FACS I

    Period 5: FACS I

    Period 6: Lunch

    Period 7: 7th Grade FACS

    Period 8: Algebra II

  • ~Mrs. K's Tutoring Hours~

    Mon - Wed 7:15- 7:30am


                   Period 3 


              By Appointment