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    570-546-3125 ext 3090

    Text me via Remind!


    Need extra help?

    Mrs. Kreisher is available after school 2:30- 3pm. Stop in before school ends to tell her you are showing up!


Where's the course content?

  •  Course Content location--> Google Classroom



    Contacting Mrs. Kreisher:

    1. USE REMIND (codes listed in Google Classrooms -- in the classroom banner at the top)
    2. E-mail me: jkreisher@muncysd.k12.pa.us (please do not forget to sign your name to your e-mail)
    3. Leave a voice message at 570-546-3125 ext 3090 with your name, reason for calling and your a phone number to reach you.

Course Syllabi

  • Mrs. Kreisher's 2022-2023 Schedule

    Period 1: Math Analysis

    Period 2: FACS II (Fall) / FACS I (Spring)

    Period 3: Prep

    Period 4: FACS II (Fall) / FACS I (Spring)  

    Period 5: FACS II (Fall) / FACS I (Spring)  

    Period 6: Lunch

    Period 7: 7th Grade FACS

    Period 8: General Math