• MUNCY SCHOOL DISTRICT TITLE I PROGRAMS                          

    Title I is a federally funded program that provides academic support for students. In the Muncy School District students receive instructional assistance in reading and language arts. Title I programs are regulated by Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and closely adheres to its guidelines. Each staff member employed in the Muncy School District Title I program  meets all certification and/or licensure requirements.

    In the Muncy School District, Title I provides reading support programs for students in grades K through 3.  Researched-based Tier II and Tier III interventions are used to support students in acquiring literacy skills. In addition to the programs that are conducted during the school day, the following are also funded and sponsored by Title I.

    PAC   (Parent Advisory Council) "Parents are Key to Success"
    v      activities are planned and implemented by the PAC
    v      annual meeting and"kick-off" dinner held every fall
    v      various parent workshops and activities throughout the year
    v      members of the community and interested parents are welcome to join the PAC
    Extended Time Support 
    v      occurs before and/or after school or during the summer
    v      offers support and encouragement for learning reading skills
    v      emphasizes study skills and learning strategies
    v      small group instruction



     Adopted June 24, 2019 as Part of Board Policy #906 PUBLIC COMPLAINT PROCEDURES



    The Board welcomes inquiries, suggestions, and constructive criticism from parents/guardians, district residents or community groups regarding the district’s programs, personnel, operations and facilities. The Board adopts this policy to establish procedures for seeking appropriate resolution to complaints.




    The Board encourages parents/guardians, district residents or community groups who have general complaints about Board policy and district procedures, district programs, personnel, operations and facilities to follow the general complaint procedure established in this policy.


    The Board directs parents/guardians, other individuals and organizations alleging violations of law in the district's administration of federally-funded programs to submit complaints in accordance with the separate federal program complaint procedure established in this policy.[1]


    The Board shall ensure that this policy is posted on the district's publicly accessible website in accordance with law.[2]


    Delegation of Responsibility


    The district shall annually notify parents/guardians, employees and the public of this policy and established complaint procedures via the district website, newsletters, posted notices and/or other efficient communication methods.



    Complaint Procedures for Federal Programs


    Complaints alleging violations of law in the district’s administration of federally-funded programs shall be processed in accordance with the following procedure.[1]


    The complainant shall submit a written, signed statement to the district's administration office that includes:

    1. Contact information of the individual or organization filing the complaint.
    2. Alleged federal program violation.
    3. Facts supporting the alleged violation.
    4. Supporting documentation, such as information on discussions, correspondence or meetings with district staff regarding the complaint.

    District staff shall forward complaints to the district administrator responsible for federal programs, who will notify the Superintendent and acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing.


    The district administrator responsible for federal programs shall conduct an independent investigation, which may include, but not be limited to:

    1. On-site visit to the building that is the subject of the complaint.
    2. Opportunity to present evidence by all individuals and/or organizations involved.
    3. Opportunity for participants to ask questions of each other and witnesses.

    When the investigation is completed, the district administrator responsible for federal programs shall prepare a written report with a recommendation for resolving the complaint. The report shall include:

    1. Name of the individual or organization filing the complaint.
    2. Nature of the complaint.
    3. Summary of the investigation.
    4. Recommended resolution.
    5. Reasons for the recommended resolution.

    The district administrator responsible for federal programs shall submit the written report to the Superintendent, who will determine whether further investigation is required and/or the district’s final response.


    All individuals and/or organizations making the complaint or that are the subject of the complaint shall be notified of the resolution of the complaint by the Superintendent or designee.


    The district administrator responsible for federal programs shall ensure that the resolution of the complaint is implemented.


    The time period between receipt and resolution of a complaint shall not exceed sixty (60) calendar days, unless circumstances require additional time.


    The complainant may appeal the final resolution to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.


    Division Chief

    Division of Federal Programs

    PA Department of Education

    333 Market Street

    Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333