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Title I is a federally funded program that provides academic support for students. In the Muncy School District students receive instructional assistance in reading and mathematics. Title I programs are regulated by No Child Left Behind Law and must closely adhere to its guidelines. Each staff member employed in the Muncy School District Title I program is Highly Qualified in accordance with the law.

In the Muncy School District, Title I provides programs for students in grades 1 through 3.  The design of the program includes push-in, pull-out, and extended time services. In addition to the programs that are conducted during the school day, the following are also funded and sponsored by Title I:
PAC   (Parent Advisory Council) "Parents are Key to Success"
v      activities are planned and implemented by the PAC
v      annual meeting and"kick-off" dinner held every fall
v      various parent workshops and activities throughout the year
v      members of the community and interested parents are welcome to join the PAC
Extended Time Support 
v      occurs before and/or after school or during the summer
v      offers support and encouragement for learning math and/or reading skills
v      emphasizes study skills and learning strategies
v      small group instruction





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