The school code of the Commonwealth of Pa. and the policies of the Muncy School District require that all registered children be in attendance every day that Muncy Schools are in session. The Muncy Board of Education recognizes that on very rare occasions students are afforded an opportunity for travel that would provide a significant educational opportunity or experience. The Building Principal at his discretion may grant excused absences from school to a maximum of ten (10) school days for education tours or trips which are not school-sponsored provided the following procedures and conditions are met.

    1. A written request must include a specific, but brief description of the educational value of the planned tour or trip and should be submitted one week prior to the start of the trip.  These forms may be secured below by clicking on the link or in the elementary and high school offices.
    1. The students must make adequate arrangements with the classroom teachers for assignments and work to be missed and must have the Building Principal’s approval of the arrangement.
    1. The decision by the Building Principal to approve or deny the request is final.
    1. In the event that approval is granted, all deficient work assignments and examinations must be completed within the same number of days as the days of absence, not to exceed ten days, after returning.
    1. Failure to comply with the above conditions will automatically make all days of the trip unexcused absences.  In addition, any future requests may be denied. 
    1. Trip forms will not be approved for trips scheduled for the first week of the school year.



    During their junior and senior year in high school, it sometimes becomes appropriate for students to visit prospective institutions of higher learning.  If the visitation takes place during a scheduled school day, a parental permission note should be brought to the main office prior to the visitation.  This same procedure applies for armed services testing and other similar situations.  An Educational Trip Request must be submitted with these requests.