MUNCY Jr./Sr. High School MUSIC
    Muncy leads the way in inspiring youth through unparalleled academics, character building, tradition, and innovation
    Treble Clef-colorful Digital Art by Erzebet S
    Mr. Buck
    Office Hours Below:
    Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9-12 and Tuesday and Thursday from 12-3

    Greetings! I hope this message finds you healthy and safe! As we move to an online format, I will be posting my weekly objective per class on my teacher web page by Monday 8 am and posting all assignments in google classroom. Please select the link under the Remote Learning tab that corresponds to your current in-school class.

    A big THANK YOU  to all students and parents during this different educational time! It has been tremendous to see all the hard work and commitment in our community! Proud of each of you! 

    Week of 6/1/20 There are no assignments due this week!  Please make sure you have completed assignments during the 4th marking period. This marking period is pass/fail with grades being either a 95% or 69%.

    Remote Learning 
    After School Programs
         Marching Band (NEW 2020 SHOW AND STAND NOTATION UPDATED!!)
         After School Chorus
         Jazz Band
    Check out some cool music websites listed below: