• Winter2014

    Parents and students,

    Please check google classroom for all assignments, messages and updates concerning your students class.  Parents, I added to my class homework pages a weekly schedule for what it to be completed by each grade level.

    Period 1 Accelerated Physics/Physics:  otsmgpo

    Period 3 General Science 8:  fn2atoi

    Period 4 General Science 8:  kz66gzx

    Period 5 General Science 8:  p6u6ng2

    Period 6 General Science 9:  izh4vex

    Period 8 General Science 9:  l54i227


     Mr. Mark Peterman

    Physics Teacher

    Muncy Jr-Sr High School

    200 West Penn Street

    Muncy, PA 17756

    PHONE: (570) 546-3127 ext. 3110

    FAX: (570) 546-7688


     Office Hours:  Monday through Wednesday until 3:00 PM 

    Students should check their google classroom daily for any class homework or test/quiz announced dates.


     "I don't attempt to teach physics.  I attempt to teach thinking - I use physics as a vehicle." ----Joseph Vanderway


     "Teaching is not telling repeating is not learning" Unknown