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  • American Cultures I


    This is a survey course of the exploration, colonization and the first one hundred years of our national history. Major emphasis will be placed on colonization, independence and expansion of our nation. Special emphasis will be directed to our Constitution. Students will trace the early struggles of our new nation through the disastrous Civil War that tore our nation apart. Attention will also be directed to the role that Pennsylvania played in our nation’s birth and early struggles as a nation. A greater understanding of social studies skills will be incorporated along with geographical skills.

    Mr. Snyder
    Please use the following PDF file by typing in the blanks.  When complete, save to your portfolio drive.  To do this please follow these instructions:

    LYCO CTC Presentation

  • Advanced Placement Psychology


    AP Psychology is a systematic and scientific study of behavior and mental processes of humans and other animals meant to expose students to the principals, phenomena’s, major sub-fields, and facts within psychology.  Students should expect a rigorous academic course filled with readings, lab work, analysis, and writing beyond the average high school level course. The ultimate goal of this course is designed to have students understand the core concepts of Psychology in a challenging manner that reflects college level expectations and provides students the opportunity to gain college credits through the passage of the AP Psychology exam. 

    Mr. Snyder

  •  Local History

     Pennsylvania and Local History is a survey course based on the political, economic, social and military history of the state of Pennsylvania and Muncy community.  This semester long course reveals the state and local areas role in the founding of our nation, its importance in early America, and its present historical markers.  In conjunction with the local historical society and other volunteers, students will be able to experience history through walking tours, field trips to local sites, guest speakers, and local history events.  In addition to local curriculum, students will learn about the geography, culture, and government of Pennsylvania. Open to students in grades 7 – 12, the class offers a wide variety of curriculum that includes primary and secondary source readings, artifacts, and oral history.   



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