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    My "Office Hours" are

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    I will be sending info about Virtual Meetings via Student email

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    Week of Tuesday May 26th



    Objective: After the lesson students will be able to read, interpret, and organize data that is presented in box plots and histograms

     For each Lesson you will need to open the Lesson Slides Document (on the right hand side of your assignment under "Your Work"), and read the notes. After reading the notes you will need to answer all the questions by typing answers into the "green dotted" boxes.

    When you have completed each Lesson, you will need to click "Turn In" to get full credit.

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    ~Resources of Information~



    ~Additional Practice/Review/Enrichment Work Opportunities~

    Statistics Vocab Review Activity

    Math Vocab Gimkit! Who will earn the most $$ ??







    Objective: After the lesson students will be able to identify inherited traits and determine if they are dominant or recessive in a species.


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    Specials Teachers Activities!

    (You can also check their individual websites)

    P.E.: Daily Activity Challenge      Elementary Yoga

    Music: Check Mrs. Doebler's Website!

    Library: Check Mr. Alexander's Website!

    Art: Check Mrs. Worth's Website!

    Mrs. Daniels Guidance Page : Check out her link if you have questions or need to talk to someone!!




    Classroom Rules and Expectations
    Be Prepared
    Be in Control
    Be Respectful
    Be a Problem Solver




    Forgotten Assignments Policy:
    If your child has forgotten their homework for the evening please check my Daily Remind Message. Please see the codes below to sign up for "Remind" If you need more information to complete the assignment, or have questions in general about the assignment please contact me via email directly. Students who do not complete assignments AND do not contact me with problems/difficulties completing the assignment will complete a missing assignment sheet and lose their recess for that day.
    Absent from School Policy:
    Parents who wish to request missed assignments and homework for their absent child should call the elementary office at 570-546-3129 ext. 1100 by 10:00 a.m. Parents may pick up the requested assignments between 3:15 and 4:00 p.m. at the "Homework Hub" which is located on the filing cabinet outside the office.
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