• Marcie Wallis Fisher
    Grade 3
    Phone: 570/546-3127, ext 1380


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    Study Island



    Our focus this year will be on having success with each of the PA Common Core Standards set forth for third graders.
    Check out the link to see what kinds of things your third grader will be tackling.
    Here's our schedule:
    Homeroom 8:15-8:30
    8:35 A Block
    9:55 B Block
    11:20 Recess
    11:45 Lunch
    12:15 C Block
    12:45 Target Time
    1:30 C Block continjes
    2:15 Special
    Day 1 - Library
    Day 2- Music
    Day 3 - PE
    Day 4 - Art 



    Forgotten Assignments Policy:
    If your child has forgotten homework for the evening please check the appropriate link for the assignment. If you need more information to complete the assignment, or have questions in general about the assignment please contact me via email directly, or call me at home. Students who do not complete assignments AND do not contact me with problems/difficulties completing the assignment will earn a missed assignment check and lose recess for that day. Four missed assignments earn an hour of detention.
    Absent from School Policy:
    Parents who wish to request missed assignments and homework for their absent child should call the elementary office at 570-546-3129 ext. 1100 by 10:00 a.m. Parents may pick up the requested assignments between 3:15 and 4:00 p.m. at the "Homework Hub" which is located on the filing cabinet outside the office.