• Welcome


    We are hopeful to be back in school as soon as possible, as it is just not the same without all the individuals who make up our Muncy Family bringing our hallways and programs to life. Based on current events, we are moving forward together with a ‘school from home’ solution asking teachers to work with students on one objective per subject per week. Additionally, teachers will continue to use enrichment and review to differentiate activities for students and families.


    As we look to excite our students by engaging them in relevant, real world activities within the context of their homes during the school closure, please provide continuous feedback in terms of how we can best meet the individual needs of your child.


    As we look to be a source of support for our students and families, please let us know the best ways for us to work with the home during the school closure.


    Thanks for your continued patience, flexibility, cooperation and support.


    We will be using email and Class Dojo as our main communication tools.


    Class Dojo