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    In order to pass Library for the 4th Marking Period, each student must complete at least one (1) activity from April 20th to June 3rd.  If a student does not complete at least one (1) Library activity in that timeframe, they will not pass Library for the 4th Marking Period.  

    Week 9: May 26-May 29
    Previous week activities may be found by clicking on the appropriate grade level and then scrolling down. Students may complete ANY activity for credit for the 4th MP as long as they are not repeating an activity they already completed. 
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    Book Checkout Calendar


                                    Mr. Matthew Alexander, K-12 Librarian
    Mrs. Gresh, Library Aide
    570-546-3129, ext. 1320
    Read every day!

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    Welcome to the Elementary Library

    ·         Students in kindergarten and 1st grade may take home only one book at a time.  If you forget your book on library day you will still be allowed to take one more home.  You may not have more than two books out.


    ·         Students in 2nd grade may take out two books at a time.  If you forget your book(s) on library day, you will be allowed to check out another book.  You may not have more than three books out at one time.

    ·         Students in grades 3 - 6 may check out three books at one time.  If you forget your book(s) on library day, you may check out one more.  You may not have more than four books out at one time.

    *From time to time special considerations are made on an individual basis

    Book care is your responsibility.

     No fines are charged for overdue books.  The prices shown on overdue notices are for the cost to replace a lost or damaged book.  Students with overdue books will not be allowed to check out books until all overdue books are returned or paid.

    ·         You will receive a daily participation grade worth five (5) points.  Below is the list of the five (5) expectations I have for you while in this Library.  If you fail to meet these expectations, you will lose participation points.


    Give Me Five!

    1.  Speak quietly or not all as to not disturb others who are reading or working.
    2.  Be respectful and kind to everyone in the library.
    3.  Treat the books and other materials with care.
    4.  Listen and follow directions the first time.
    5.  Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.

    Other Things to Remember:

    ·         No food, drinks, or gum is allowed.

    ·         Walk, do not run.

    ·         Return materials on time

    ·         If you are finished with your work, READ!