Speech Corner


    Speech and Language Support


    Kimberly D. Price, M.S. CCC-SLP

    Speech Language Pathologist


    (570) 546-3129 Extension 1481


    Hi all! I hope you are all staying home and safe at this time.  I really miss working with all my students and hope we soon get back to a normal schedule.  In the meantime, I will be calling and emailing you all to touch base on speech services.


    We are going to keep it simple. I know the students (and parents especially) have a considerable amount to learn as we work on this online platform for school.  Please do not stress about speech activities.  Each lesson you do for your child's classroom will be a great opportunity to listen to your child.  That is what speech is all about! Listen to how they talk about what they are working on. Listen to the sounds the make and the ideas they share! Speech is really that simple!  


    I will add some extra activities to my site. But they are not mandatory. They are meant to supplement if you have some extra time and want to work on some speech areas. Just remember, each time you talk and share together as a family... you are working on speech!!! So take this time to do just that! Listen to your child share with you and enjoy this extra time as a family.  We have to find the good in all of this... and that is mine for now.  


    My office hours are Monday and Wednesday from 9-12 and Tuesday and Thursday from 12-3.  I am still working on a schedule to check in with your child weekly.  Until then, please email me at kprice@muncysd.org if you need to reach me.  I will check in regularly and then email you back or call you as well if needed.  

    Until then, stay safe and wash those hands!  

    Mrs. Price