• Reading makes the time fly!

    Mrs. Faith Leonard        

    Title I Reading Specialist / Title I Parent and Family Engagement Programs Coordinator                                                
    546-3129, ext. 1460

    Welcome!  This year I will be working with first and second grade students through Individualized Literacy Intervention (ILI) and small group support, as well as spending time helping with our seventh and eighth grade students and families.  Some information for the first and second grade reading programs can be found below. I will also be coordinating programs and workshops for our Title I students and families throughout the year.  You can learn more about how to become involved with Title I by going to the Title I Blog from my web page, or by visiting the Title I page on the Myers Elementary web site.  
    I invite you to contact me at the email or telephone number listed above if you would like more information.                                                                                                                            


    Individualized Literacy Intervention (ILI)
    Individualized Literacy Intervention is a short-term (semester) program offered to first grade students.  It provides a series of carefully crafted lessons designed specially for the individual student.  Lessons last for a half an hour daily, and consist of one-to-one teaching with a reading specialist.  High-interest, leveled books are used daily, and early reading skills are targeted and reinforced.  The program is offered as a supplement to the reading instruction that takes place in the regular classroom. 
    Small Group Support
    Small group support provides extra reading practice with the curriculum offered in the regular classroom.  Individual skills such as phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension are reinforced, and extra practice with the classroom stories and reading passages takes place.  This group is offered as a supplement to the reading instruction that takes place in the regular classroom.
    Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI)
    Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) is a short term (18-24 week) small group reading program developed by Fountas and Pinnell.  The program is designed to target early reading skills:  phonemic awareness, phonics, high frequency words, fluency, and beginning comprehension strategies.  The program is fast paced and uses high interest books that increase in difficulty as the program progresses.  Leveled Literacy is offered as a supplement to the reading instruction that takes place in the regular classroom.  To learn more about this intervention, click here.