• Muncy Junior/Senior High School Math Department Calculator Policy

                The math courses offered at Muncy Jr/Sr High School actively integrate calculator technology based on the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Technology Principle. 

                Many activities implemented within our courses have been created using the features available on the Texas Instruments® graphing calculators.  Students may purchase their own calculator or borrow one from their math teacher. 

                Calculators are treated like textbooks and are the property of Muncy School District.  Students will sign one out and return it at the end of the school year.   Students who attempt to turn in a calculator with the incorrect serial number will not receive credit for turning one in.  Students who are unable to return their assigned calculator must pay a replacement fee or buy a new calculator to replace the assigned one.  New replacement calculators must be in the original packaging with no evidence of tampering and must match the exact model originally assigned. 

                    Some of the latest calculator technology provides students with the ability to import, store, and hide games and messages.  If a student is found doing anything inappropriate with their calculator during class, we reserve the right to clear the memory of the calculator, even if the calculator is personally owned.  Multiple offenses for inappropriate use will result in a punishment at the discretion of the instructor.
                  Calculators may not be shared during quizzes.  Students will be expected to bring their calculators with them daily.
                     While the calculator is an invaluable tool for studying mathematics, there will be times when the instructor deems that a particular topic or skill is more appropriately investigated and assessed without the use of a calculator.

    Replacement fee for Texas Instrument graphing calculators is $100 for Mrs. Kreisher's math courses this school year.