Imaginary Bugs

  • Objective:  Students will create an imaginary bug using simple shapes.


    Steps:  1) With a pencil lightly draw following the steps from the how to draw bugs directions.

    2) You may draw more than one bug.   It is up to you.

    3)  Add where your bugs leaves and  details of the land and sky.

    4)  Once you are pleased with your drawing you are ready to add color. Use your choice of coloring supplies.

    When you are finished, email a photo of your art. kworth@muncysd.orgIn the subject area of the text or email, write the student's name, grade and homeroom teacher.I look forward to seeing your bug art.  Mrs. Worth 

    PS If you are proud of your art and would like me to post it online, please say that I have your permission to post your photo.  Please include ONLY your first name on the front of your art.  Your photo can be of just your art or of you holding your art.