Make Something With Food

  • Objective:  Students will create using the unusual medium of food.

    Have fun and be creative about what you make.  This can be a family activity.  Share in the fun!Take a photo of it and then eat it.

    Steps:  1)BRAINSTORM what foods you have and what would go well together.

    2) Gather the food that you will need.

    3)  Figure out the steps for your creation ahead of time. These steps will vary depending on what you are making...wash veggies, mix and bake muffins, let cool before adding finishing touches, etc.

    3) Have an adult cut anything that needs to be cut with a sharp knife.

    4) Place your creation on a plate.

    5) Photograph it. 

    6) Eat and enjoy. 

    When you are finished, email a photo of your creation. kworth@muncysd.orgIn the subject area of the text or email, write the student's name, grade and homeroom teacher.I look forward to seeing your yummy snack, dessert or meal.  Mrs. Worth