cars and trucks

Cars and Trucks in Art

  • Objective:  Students will follow directions to make a drawing of a car or truck.

    Be creative about the details you add to your drawing.  Decide if your vehicle will be somewhere realistic (driving in a city or in the country, parked in front of your home)or somewhere silly(driving in among the clouds or on a road made of pepperoni pizza, with a cow behind the wheel)You decide the answer to these questions.


    Steps:  1)  Brainstorm what you will be drawing in your artwork.

    2)  Draw lightly with pencil.  Use the steps to draw a vehicle or draw it your own way.

    3)  Add the details that you brainstormed earlier.  This is what will make your drawing look different than everyone else's art.

    4)  Once you are pleased with your drawing you are ready to add color with your choice of coloring supplies.

    When you are finished, email a photo of your art. kworth@muncysd.orgIn the subject area of the text or email, write the student's name, grade and homeroom teacher.I look forward to seeing your creative drawing.  Mrs. Worth