Artist Themed Art Show

Art Theme Ideas for 2021 Art Show

  • Objective:  5th grade Students will vote on the theme for next year's art show.

    Look at the list that was made from the last week's brainstorm and vote on your top two choices.  Think about what theme would be fun to do in art class. Some themes were combined.

    Abstract Art Amusement ParksAnimals/Zoo/Cats and Dogs/petsArchitectureBob Ross Paintings Cartoons Color Themes in ArtDinosaursDisney Inspired(not copying)DragonsEgptians, King Tut, HieroglyphicsElectronics/Computer/Mine Craft  Elements:  Earth,  Wind, Fire, Air FamilyFarm landscapes and animalsFoodGraffiti Art, Building Murals & Pop ArtGreek Mythology Magical Creatures and UnicornsMusic/ InstrumentsNature/ Seasons/ butterflies/gardens/flowers/plants/Landscapes/Sunrise and set/rainbowsOuter Space "Out of this World", Earth and other planets Optical Illusions  OrigamiPigsPortraitsRainforest / Jungle animals & Islands/TropicalRobots/Technology/Computers/Electronics/Mine CraftShoesSports/Bowling/ Games/Kobe Bryant tributeThree Dimensional Art / 3D Time Travel/Futuristic/HistoricalToys/Legos/TransformersTV Shows and Movies  Weather/ Sunsets/ Sunrise/Sky/Clouds/Rainbows/SeasonsWatercolor PaintingsWesternWoodland Creature/ Outdoor Adventures and LandscapesYarn Crafts

      Not all art projects for 2020-21 will be done in the voted on theme, just 2 or 3 art projects.  These are the projects that you will pick from when deciding on which project will be on display in the March Arts Night.

    Look over the list.  When you have decided on your top two favorite choices email them with a 1 and 2 beside them.  If your themes have different ideas grouped with it you don't have to list them
    In the subject area of the text or email, write the student's name,  5th grade and homeroom teacher.

    I look forward to counting your votes and will announce the winner May 8. I have extended the voting due date to May 6 to give all 5th graders the chance to vote on their favorite art show theme.  thanks, Mrs. Worth