• Art  Lesson for the Week of 4/13 for Kindergarten and 1st grade


    OBJECTIVE: Students will draw a landscape with farm animals.




    Crayons (or your choice of art supplies) 




    1.  Use the steps to make one chick or more.


    2.  Make other details that will make your art work a landscape like sky and land.


    3.  You may add whatever details that you would like to make a farm landscape.


    4.  You may color your  landscape and animals or leave your art a pencil drawing.


    When you have finished your landscape take a picture and send it to Mrs.   

    Put your name and homeroom in the subject line so I know who it came from.  If you would like to share your art on the website gallery add the word share.

    I look forward to seeing your artwork!  Mrs. Worth