• I hope that everyone had a good EASTER!

    We at the Doebler house made the best of it! We are having fun doing lots of things at home and being silly as well!


    For this week's assignment you are to make a word search.


    I have provided the list of words that you are to use. Take a picture and email me with the finished product.

    When we get back to school I might  use yours in class or save it for next year!


    Objective: Make a musical word search  using the words provided. You do not need to use all of them but the more

    the better the word search..


    If you want to be really creative make the word search into a shape.... :)

     Mrs. D word search

    whole note         half note         quarter note          treble clef      bass clef       staff

    rest                     bar line            double bar line     clarinet          flute               saxophone

    eighth notes      trombone        loud                       soft               high                low

    Mozart                strings            drum                      claves          piano               violin

    Haydn                 Bach               cello                     viola               cymbals         beat

    tempo                 viola                banjo                    guitar            sing                voice

    trumpet              tuba                 snare                   staccato         slur                time signature

    band                  chorus             alto                      tenor               oboe              bassoon


    Make sure you take a  picture of it and email me!   sdoebler@muncysd.org