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Carnival of Animals

Art Inspired By Music

  • Objective:  Students will draw animals while listening to music.

    Use this music and video as an inspiration for your drawing. (Remember, inspiration means we get ideas from something not copy it.)

    Leave your art as a pencil drawing or color your drawing using your choice of materials. (crayons, markers, paints)

    When you are finished, email a photo of your art to both Mrs. Worth and Mrs.

    In the subject area of the text or email, write the student's name, grade and homeroom teacher.We look forward to hearing from you.  Mrs. Worth & Mrs. Doebler

    PS:  If you would like to share your assignment artwork please write, share in the subject area along with all of the other information.  I will assume that means I have your permission to post your art.  Thanks, Mrs. Worth