• Art  Lesson for the Week of 3/30 for Kindergarten and 1st Grade

     circle chicks

    OBJECTIVE: Use a simple shape and turn it into something.



    Materials Needed:  Paper



                                 Something to trace to make a circle, a small lid would work well



    • Trace one or more circles on your paper with pencil,


    • Add details to turn the circles into something.


    • You can turn the circles into birds or make them into something else.


    • Color when you are done drawing.



    When you have finished your circle drawing have an adult take a photo of it and send it to Mrs.Worthkworth@muncysd.org       

    Have mom, dad, sister, brother put your name and homeroom in the subject line so I know who it came from!  If I may share your art on the webpage please let me know.

    I miss you all and look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks and have a great time drawing!