• Art  Lesson for the Week of 3/30 for 4th, 5th & 6th Grade

     Hand Design

    OBJECTIVE:  Students will draw designs and patterns using lines inside the contour drawing of their hand and arm.


    Materials Needed:  Any kind of paper (if you don't have paper you can take any empty cereal box and cut it so that you can use the inside part that isn't printed on)


    A pencil and marker, pen, or colored pencils


    • Put your hand on your paper and trace around it and then down both sides of your arm with a pencil.


    •  Start in one finger first and draw a repeated pattern of lines or small shapes using a marker, pen or colored pencil.


    •  If you would like you can practice some of these patterns on a scrap paper first.


    •  Fill in the rest of your hand with different patterns.  You might want to draw things that say something about you, things that you like.


    •  This whole design can be done in all black, another color or a variety of colors.


    •  Once you are finished sign your first name somewhere on the front of your design.


    • Have fun with this and be creative!


      When you are finished, take a picture and send it to Mrs.Worth.kworth@muncysd.org       

      Put your name and homeroom in the subject line so I know who it came from!  Let me know if it would be ok if I share your art on the Art Room Webpage.

      We miss you all and look forward to hearing from you!   Thanks and have a fun time drawing!