• Art & Music Lesson for the Week of 3/30 for 2nd and 3rd Grade


    OBJECTIVE: Student will make a home made instrument.




    1.  Use the center of an empty toilet paper roll or paper towel roll and some tinfoil, saran wrap or wax paper.


    2.  Close one end with glue, duct tape, or rubber bands on the outside of the tube.


    3.  Find something to put inside that would create some noise.  (rice, buttons, beads).


    4.  Leave the other end open so that you can add and listen to how different items make different sounds.


    5.  Hold that end closed with your hand or rubber band while you try out different items.


    6.  Once you like how it sounds you can secure both ends.


    7,  Be creative.   Decorate it and sing a song.   Use your shaker to accompany you.


    When you have made your shaker take a picture and send it to Mrs. Worth and Mrs. Doebler in the same email.kworth@muncysd.org     sdoebler@muncysd.org      

    Have mom, dad, sister, brother put your name and homeroom in the subject line so we know who it came from!

    We miss you all very much and look forward to hearing form you.  Thanks and have a great time experimenting!