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    WEEK/DATE:  6/1/20  - 6/5/20
    Dear Students and Families,

    We've listed this week's "School to Home" activities in two categories: Math & Science. The "math & science skills" we will be working on this week are "End of Year Wrap-Up" & "Choose Any Assignment".  These skills will be the ones I'm looking to see you work on in some capacity that best works for your family. We've included activities that can be done with and/or without digital access. Please try on a cellphone, it may work. I've also included reinforcement and enrichment activities to review all concepts and continue fraction skills, these are optional, but encouraged. My office hours (for a more immediate response) are M,W,F 9-12, and T,Th 12-3. I am here to help, together we can make this work the best we can!  Our situation is far from ideal, but together we can make it happen.
    Take care,
    Mr. Williams
    * GOOGLE CLASSROOM (Classroom Code gc6vz7e)Mrs. Hogan & myself have set up a "Google Classroom" for 3rd Grade Math & Science.  You can access it from any digital device.  Here's some helpful ways to login to "Google Classroom".
    CLASSLINK:    https://launchpad.classlink.com/muncysd (Use this to access Study Island & Google classroom)
       -- Once logged in, there will be a page of apps (Ex: Google Classroom looks like a chalkboard)
      -- This is a direct link to "Google Classroom".  Use the classroom code: gc6vz7e
    * When on "Google Classroom", look at the top of the page.  The "STREAM" tab is the front page, that has announcements.  The "CLASSWORK" tab has the optional assignments and directions.
    * CONTACTING ME:  Questions, photos, or any type of communication can be done in this manner
    - Phone: 570-850-4597.  Texting is the best way.  But feel free to call during office hours if there are any urgent issues.
    - Email: jwilliams@muncysd.org.  
    - Class Dojo:  You can contact Mrs. Hartland via Dojo and she will get any needed message to me
    MONDAY: 6/1 - FRIDAY: 6/5  
    ** Math (Choose 1 or more activities from the list.  Due: Friday, 6/5) **
    1) Xtramath: (www.xtramath.org) Continue to work on the topic (+,-,x,/) that was assigned by your teacher. If you pass the topic, contact us via email and we will move you on.  (Please email me if you need your xtramath.org code to login)

    2) Study Island: (www.studyisland.com) Work on the "Multiplication" category. Try to earn a Blue Ribbon & have a % of > 80%  (Please email me if you need you study island code to login)
    3) Google Docs/Slides: FOLLOW THE LINK ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM to get to these videos/tutorials.   
    4) 3rd Grade Survey: Fill it out!  Tell us what you thought about your very "Unique" 3rd grade year!  
    ** Science (Choose 1 or more activities from the list.  Due: Friday, 6/5 **
    1) SCIENCE ACTIVITY OPTION #1 - Make a Fossil!
    - Visit the website below. Follow the directions to make your own fossil.
    - Take a picture of your activity and email (or text) it to your teacher. Good Luck!
    2) SCIENCE ACTIVITY #2 - Fossil video & slides!
    - Watch the video and complete the fossil activity on google slides.
    - Follow the link on GOOGLE CLASSROOM to get to the information.
    ** GRADING:  At this time, All I'm looking for is completion of 1 ACTIVITY in Math & 1 ACTIVITY in SCIENCE throughout this week. 
    - If you do Study Island, Quizlet, Google Slides, or Xtramath... I will be able to see your participation online.
    - If you choose a "Hands on Option"... you can take a picture of it and email or text it to me, OR simply send me an email or text saying that you completed it.
    Science Test: TBA
    Science Quiz: TBA
    * Math Test: Friday, TBA
    Math Quiz: TBA


    * Mrs.  Daniels:  https://www.muncysd.org/domain/182

    * Mrs.  Doebler (MUSIC):  https://www.muncysd.org/Domain/144

    * Mrs.  Worth (ART):  https://www.muncysd.org/Domain/168

    * Mr.  Wallis (GYM):  https://www.muncysd.org/Domain/195

     * Mr.  Alexander (LIBRARY):  https://www.muncysd.org/Domain/135



    * VIP Papers go home MONDAY every week. These are worksheets, quizzes, & tests from the previous week.  They are now yours to look over & keep!

    * WEEKLY AGENDA PAPER papers are given to the students every MONDAY (unless we have a day off, then it will be TUESDAY.)  Here's an extra WEEKLY AGENDA PAPER if you need it.
    * Here's a "Math Square" just in case you need it!  (There's also one in the "Math Helper Cards Library")
    Here's our "Homework/Classwork Rubric" that was sent home.  Please sign and return this ASAP.
    Here's "Mr. Williams' Class Schedule" (In case you're wondering about classes or specials)
    Here's directions for getting "HW/CW Online" (In case a student forgets their work)