• Act 34 Requirement - Criminal Record Check Clearance

    Effective January 1, 1986, all Pennsylvania residents must submit with their employment application a copy of a report of "Criminal History Record Information" from the Pennsylvania State Police or a statement from the Pennsylvania State Police that the State Police central repository contains no such information.  Out-of-State applicants must submit with their application for employment a copy of a federal criminal record report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The criminal record report must be no more than one (1) year old and upon hiring, the applicant must submit the original report. Click on the link above to access the Act 34 Criminal History application website. 


    Act 126 / Act 31 Requirement - Mandated Child Abuse Training
    Please click on the link above to access the University of Pittsburgh's free web-training for Act 126 / Act 31 Mandated Child Abuse Training for school Employees. 


    Act 168 Requirement - Disclosure Information Request

    A school entity or an independent contractor (collectively referred to herein as “hiring entity”) may not hire any applicant for a position in which the employee will have direct contact with children until the school entity has complied with the employment history review process delineated in Act 168. (24 P.S. § 1-111.1).

    A  hiring entity must require an applicant for any position in which there is direct contact with children to complete Section 1 of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure Release form for all employers that fall within the following categories:

    • The applicant’s current employer (regardless of whether the employer was a school entity and/or where the applicant had direct contact with children);
    • All former employers of the applicant that were school entities; and
    • All former employers where the applicant was employed in a position where he or she had direct contact with children. 

    Note that the applicant must fill out a separate Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure Release form for each employer that falls within the above-listed categories. The applicant is not required, however,  to disclose current or previous volunteer positions. Under Act 168, the hiring entity is prohibited from hiring an applicant for a position involving direct contact with children unless the applicant provides the required information on the form and consent.

    Please click on the link to access the form: Act 168 Disclosure


    Act 151 Requirement - Child Abuse History Clearance


    Effective July 1, 1995, all Pennsylvania residents must submit with their employment application a copy of a report of "Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance" from the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare.  The child abuse report must be no more than one (1) year old and upon hiring, the applicant must submit the original report.  SPECIAL NOTE:  We have been informed to use another web browser other than Chrome to apply for this clearnance.  They have technical difficulties processing those requests when Chrome is used.   


    FBI Federal Criminal History Records Requirement (Act 114)

    Act 114 of 2006, Section 111 of the Public School Code was amended effective April 1, 2007.  All student teachers (participating in classroom teaching, internships, clinical or field experience) and prospective employees (including but not limited to administrators, teachers, substitutes, janitors, cafeteria workers, office employees) of public and private schools, Intermediate Units and area vocational-technical schools, including independent contractors and their employees and bus drivers, who have direct contact with children, must provide to their employer a copy of their Federal Criminal History Record that cannot be more than one (1) year old.  Fingerprinting fee is $22.60.  

    FBI Clearance Price Increasing

    Effective June 15, 2024, the FBI Clearance cost is increasing by $0.95. 


    • Click on https://uenroll.identogo.com
    • Select the proper PDE Service Code listed below:
      • Volunteer Code: 1KG6ZJ
      • School Districts: 1KG6XN
      • Colleges/Universities Teacher Education program: 1KG6RT
    • Follow the directions.
    • You will need to enroll and then go to IdentoGo for your fingerprints at:

    280 Kane Street, Suite 2

    South Williamsport, PA  17702

    Hours: Monday - Saturday from 8am to noon.


    Act 71  Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention Training

    On June 26, 2014, Act 71 was signed into law in Pennsylvania. This law, which added section 1526 of the School Code, 24 PS § 15-1526, specifically requires school entities to: (1) adopt a youth suicide awareness and prevention policy; and (2) provide ongoing professional development in youth suicide awareness and prevention for professional educators in building serving students in grades 6-12. Additionally, section 1526 specifically permits school entities to incorporate curriculum on this topic into their instructional programs pursuant to their youth suicide awareness and prevention polices.

    Act 71 of 2014 also added section 1527 of the School Code, 24 PS § 15-1527. Section 1527 permits school entities to provide age-appropriate instruction regarding child exploitation for students in grades K-8. If a school entity provides this instruction to its students, the school entity must provide professional development related to child exploitation awareness to those educators assigned to teach courses into which child exploitation awareness education has been incorporated. 


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