Muncy Alumni Association Distinguished Alumnus Award

  • Muncy Alumni Association Distinguished Alumnus Award


    Through the Distinguished Alumni Awards recognition program, established in 2013, the Muncy Alumni Association annually recognizes Muncy High School alumni who have achieved a high level of success in their chosen fields of endeavor, thus bringing distinction to themselves, their community, and to their alma mater.
    The Distinguished Alumni Award is designed as a special event presented by the Association during the annual alumni banquet.
    Criteria for Award
    • An individual(s) must have graduated from Muncy High School.
    • Candidate must have reached and remained at the pinnacle of his or her field for a period of time sufficient to demonstrate perseverance and maturation.
    • Candidates must have exhibited a high degree of character, integrity and community awareness.
    • All candidates will be considered regardless of race, gender, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or religion.
    • A candidate’s interest, involvement and loyalty to Muncy High School may be noted but shall not be a primary factor in the selection process.
    • A “selectee” must agree to attend—and must attend the gala to be honored.
    The Nomination Process
    Any alumni may nominate multiple individuals and forward the nominations to the current association officers. Applications may be received by mail (Muncy Alumni Association, PO Box 243, Muncy, PA 17756; or by email, The annual nomination deadline is generally established as the first Monday of May. All nominations not selected in the current year shall remain as active nominations for a total of three years.
    Nomination/Selection Committee
    The nomination/selection committee shall be responsible for reviewing, ranking and selecting individuals from the eligible nominations.
    Presentation of the Distinguished Alumni Award will be made during the annual alumni banquet.