• The Muncy School District Cafeteria staff would like to introduce you and  your student to our Point of Sale system.  We have successfully implemented the point of sale system at the High School and Elementary school.  This system makes it easy to purchase lunch without the need for cash in the service line area. 


    What you and your child need to know:


    It’s easy.  Your student already has an account.  Your student pin number will also be his or her Student ID (the number he or she has used to log on to the computers throughout his or her school career.)  If your child does not know his or her number there will be someone available to help the students in the cafeteria between the hours of 7:00A.M.and 8:30 A.M. 

    Deposit slips are available in the cafeteria daily, on line in a printable format,  at the register and in the Office.

    Deposits are made in the cafeteria in the morning by bringing in a completed deposit slip with the appropriate money or check, and turning it into the cashier. Checks should be made payable to Muncy School Lunch.


    ØBalance on accounts is available at every transaction. The cashier will inform students of their account balance upon request. 

    ØWe accept deposits/money in the cafeteria.  The fully completed deposit slip must accompany the cash or check.

    ØChecks should be made payable to MUNCY SCHOOL LUNCH.

    ØWe will not be able to issue change when accepting payment.

    ØWe will not be able to accept cash at the register.

    ØWe will not be able to accept cash or check payment during the lunch period.  All deposits must be made in the cafeteria in the    morning.

    ØMoney must be deposited for all purchases (including Milk, Ice cream and Snacks).

    ØCash will be accepted only with a completed deposit slip.

    ØWe do accept payment for the entire week, month or year.

    ØIf your student is free, he or she will only need cash if snacks, ice cream or extras are purchased. 


    You may also track purchases and desposit money at www.myschoolbucks.com.  Just go to the site and follw the directions.



    General information:

    If your student leaves the district and you would like to withdraw your account cash, you should request a check by giving us written notice.  We will issue a check made payable to the parent or guardian when notice is received.


    You can also write one check for multiple students in each school.  Simply include a deposit form for each student with the single check.